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Rare Book Team Action Plan
(Fiscal Year 2000/2001)

The Rare Book Team's various degrees of success in meeting last year's goals are summarized in our Annual Report.  We have set the following goals for the coming year: 

1)  Our primary goal is to catalog at a high level of quality and quantity, keeping in mind our long-term goals of:

  • staying current with the cataloging of new Beinecke acquisitions and transfers; and
  • completing the extended Beinecke backlog project by the end of 2004
Specifically, our quantitative team goal for the coming year is 12,500 titles.  This is a 25% increase over last year's goal and takes into account the fact that our three new librarians will be largely under revision for the year and will be receiving NACO training.

2)  The three new librarians will be fully trained and working independently by the end of the year. 

3)  We will work together effectively as a team.  Specifically, we will:

  • meet regularly to participate in open group discussions; and 
  • make our decisions by consensus whenever possible.
4)  We will work with Beinecke Technical Services staff to maintain good cataloging workflow and effective use of the Rare Book Team workstations in Beinecke. 

5)  The Beinecke Cataloging Manual will be fully revised and made available on the World Wide Web. 

6)  We will maintain the team's home page on the World Wide Web, mounting useful documentation and linking to relevant sites as needed. 

7)  The librarians on the team will make appropriate contributions to the library and profession, balancing the need to do more cataloging with sometimes pressing and often conflicting professional demands. 

8)  The recon of Hebrew and Yiddish titles not finished by RLA will be completed in partnership with the Hebraica Team.

We will again defer one goal from two years ago: working with the East Asian Collection to complete the recon of East Asian titles not finished by RLA.

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