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Rare Book Team Action Plan
(Fiscal Year 2012/2013)

Our primary goal is to continue our work in the unlocking of hidden collections by cataloging at a high level of quality and quantity, keeping in mind our long-term goal of staying current with the cataloging of new Beinecke acquisitions and transfers. To achieve this, we will:

  • catalog 10,000 non-serial titles, both new and recat. Specifically, we will focus on several collections this year including Tanselle, Bailey, Foucault, Monteverdi, Commedia dell'arte, Prokosch; Richards' Kipling, Wick; continue to recatalog the College Pamphlet Collection and the Peruvian pamphlet collection; and remain current in the cataloging of red flags, Priority 1's, broadsides and folios;
  • catalog 6,500 serial volumes, both new and recat. Specifically, we will catalog the Bailey, German periodicals, newspapers and continue the cataloging of the general serial backlog, while staying current with subscription adds to already cataloged serials;
  • adapt to new cataloging standard (RDA) for bibliographic and authority records;
  • contribute records to NACO and have all catalogers work towards NACO independence;
  • participate in the summer retrospective barcoding project;
  • resolve cataloging problems as they arise; and
  • remain current with the cataloging of Beinecke microfilm titles.

We will work together effectively as a team. Specifically, we will:

  • plan and prepare for, and move to a swing space during CMS renovation;
  • plan and prepare for, and move to a new location after CMS renovation;
  • meet regularly for group discussions;
  • make our decisions by consensus, whenever possible;
  • respond flexibly to the changing priorities of Beinecke;
  • update the Rare Book Team homepage and the cataloging manual as needed;
  • share expertise gained by attendance at conferences, workshops and Rare Book School; and
  • evaluate quarterly our progress in meeting these goals.

We will work with Beinecke staff to:

  • maintain good cataloging workflow;
  • maximize use of the Rare Book Team workstations in Beinecke;
  • examine current processes to eliminate duplication of effort and increase production;
  • assist in training and supervising Printed Acquisitions staff in cataloging;
  • participate in Beinecke Technical Services training programs; and
  • participate in the staffing of the Beinecke Reference desk.

The librarians on the team will make appropriate contributions to the library and profession.

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