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Rare Book Team Action Plan
(Fiscal Year 1997/1998)

The Rare Book Team of the Catalog Department has identified the following goals for the coming year. We intend that:

  • the Rare Book Team librarians and cataloging assistant continue to work effectively as a team, performing at a high level of quality and at even higher levels of quantity, so that we can achieve the goal of cataloging current Beinecke acquisitions and completing the Beinecke backlog project by Feb. 2001 when Ellen Ellickson's and Sara Piasecki's five-year term appointments expire. Specifically, our quantitative team goal for cataloging (including transfers) is 10,000 titles for 1997/98;

  • the librarians continue to make appropriate contributions to the library and profession, balancing our need to do more cataloging with sometimes pressing and often conflicting demands;

  • the team's two librarian I's and two librarian II's are awarded promotions next year if not sooner;

  • effective use be made of our student worker so that substantial progress is achieved with retrospective conversion clean-up, particularly that of incunabula;

  • good cataloging workflow and effective use of the Rare Book Team workstations in the Beinecke Library be maintained;

  • the Beinecke Cataloging Manual be fully revised and made available on the World Wide Web;

  • the Rare Book Team create and mount its own web page on the World Wide Web.

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