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General Policies & Procedures Checklist

  Cabinets, safe; tunnel keys, cabinet keys, workstation keys, combination
  Correspondence with Beinecke
  Call slips
  Rare Book Team in-house charges from Circulation
  Workstations in Beinecke
   Phone policy & etiquette; voice mail; TAN
  Calling in absences & lateness; online attendance forms
  Team calendar for anticipated absences; BRBL awaytime calendar
  Team meetings & decision making
  Catalog Dept. meetings & Catalog Librarian meetings; relation to Team Leaders' meetings & Catalog Coordinating Committee meetings; BRBL staff meetings
  E -mail & fax policy; dialup access from home (through BRBL)
  Library e-mail lists: yulib-l, yulcat-l, etc.; Library Front Door; Staff Front Door
  Other e-mail lists: autocat, exlibris, rbms
  Handling of rare books
  Workflow, including transfers
  Business cards
  Professional Travel
  Annual Review & Promotion Processes; Learning Plan

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