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Citing Names That Contain Marks of Contraction

In the 670, transcribe a name that contains a mark of contraction by expanding the affected name to its full form and enclosing the supplied letters in square brackets.   Refer from the unexpanded form of name; also refer from the expanded form if it differs from the established heading.


010:  : |a nr 99036024
040:  : |a CtY-BR |b eng |c CtY-BR
100:1 : |a Ramminger, Melchior, |d d. 1543?
400/1:1 : |a Rammiger, Melchior, |d d. 1543?
400/2:1 : |a Ramiger, Melchior, |d d. 1543?
670/1:  : |a Der gulden Paradeysz öpffel, ca. 1525?: |b colophon (Melchior Ram[m]iger)
670/2:  : |a Benzing, J. Die Buchdrucker des 16. und 17. Jahrhunderts im deutschen Sprachgebiet, 1982: |b p. 16 (Melchior Ramminger; printer active in Augsburg, Germany, from 1520 to 1542; d. probably 1543)
670/3:  : |a World biog. index (WWW), 15 Nov. 1999 |b (Ramminger, Melchior; d. 1540)
670/4:  : |a RLIN, 15 Nov. 1999 |b (hdg: Ramminger, Melchior; fl. 1520-1542)

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