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Multiple Surnames

Use AACR2 22.5C to determine the appropriate entry element and refer from elements not chosen.  Remember that the first indicator is now "1" for compound surnames not "2".  If your heading has a hyphenated surname, don't forget to include the hyphen in the cross-reference.  If your surnames are separated by commas in printed sources, omit the commas from the heading and cross-references.  If you have evidence that the person prefers an entry element different than that suggested by the rules, follow the usage of the person.

Example 1 (hyphen included):

010:  : |a nr 00028775
040:  : |a CtY-BR |b eng |c CtY-BR
100:1 : |a Burmeister-Brown, Susan
400/1:1 : |a Brown, Susan Burmeister-
400/2:1 : |a Burmeister, Susan
670/1:  : |a Glimmer train, spring 1994: |b t.p. verso (Susan Burmeister-Brown)
670/2:  : |a Glimmer train, summer 1992: |b t.p. verso (Susan Burmeister)

Example 2 (commas between surnames omitted from 400s):

010:  : |a nr 96007916
040:  : |a CtY-BR |b eng |c CtY-BR |d CtY-BR |d CtY-BR |d OCoLC
100:1 : |a Quintanar, Luis, |d d. 1837
400/1:1 : |a Quintanar Soto Bocanegra y Ruiz, Luis, |d d. 1837
400/2:1 : |a Bocanegra y Ruiz, Luis Quintanar Soto, |d d. 1837
400/3:1 : |a Ruiz, Luis Quintanar Soto Bocanegra y, |d d. 1837
400/4:1 : |a Soto Bocanegra y Ruiz, Luis Quintanar, |d d. 1837
510/1:1 : |a Jalisco (Mexico). |b Governor (1823-1824 : Quintanar)
670/1:  : |a D. Luis Quintanar, Soto, Bocanegra y Ruiz ... capitan general y gefe superior politico interino de esta provincia ... 1822: |b p. 1 (Luis Quintanar)
670/2:  : |a Dicc. Porrua (5. ed.) |b (Quintanar, Luis; b. San Juan del Rio, Queretaro, Mexico; d. 16 Nov. 1837, at Mexico City; military officer and politician)
670/3:  : |a Los primeros federalistas de Jalisco, 1981 |b (Quintanar, Luis; 1780-1837; Gobernador provisional of the state of Jalisco, 21 July 1823-31 June 1824)

Example 3 (usage of person overrides rules in choice of entry element):

010:  : |a nr 00036380
040:  : |a CtY-BR |b eng |c CtY-BR
100:1 : |a Burton, Casper Van Wie, |d 1810-1860
400/1:1 : |a Van Wie Burton, Casper, |d 1810-1860
400/2:1 : |a Wie Burton, Casper Van, |d 1810-1860
670/1:  : |a Biographical memoir of Casper Van Wie Burton, M.D. of Lansingburgh, 1861: |b p. 4, etc. (Dr. Burton; b. 15 July 1810, Albany, N.Y.; d. 23 Sept. 1860, Troy, N.Y.; physician)

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