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Citing Names Not in Nominative Form

When citing names that do not appear in nominative form, use a mark of omission to indicate that text that grammatically "explains" the non-nominative form has been omitted.  Do this for usage on the item in hand as well as for usage found in the utilities or in reference sources.  Refer from the nominative form of the name if it differs from the established heading.  Do not refer from non-nominative forms of names.

Example 1 (item in hand):

010:  : |a nr 00014724
040:  : |a CtY-BR |b eng |c CtY-BR
100:1 : |a Roman, Jacob Pietersz, |d 1640-ca. 1716
400/1:1 : |a Romanus, Jacobus, |d 1640-ca. 1716
400/2:1 : |a Romanus, Iacobus, |d 1640-ca. 1716
670/1:  : |a Petri Schenckii paradisus oculorum ... 1695?: |b t.p. (... Iacobi Romani architecti regii)
670/2:  : |a World. biog. index (WWW), 1 May 2000 |b (Roman, Jacob Pietersz; 1640-ca. 1716; architect)

Example 2 (RLIN bib record):

010:  : |a nr 00033097
040:  : |a CtY-BR |b eng |c CtY-BR
100:1 : |a Salmuth, Heinrich, |d 1522-1576
400/1:1 : |a Salmuth, Henricus, |d 1522-1576
670/1:  : |a Hochzeit Predigten, 1582: |b t.p. (Herrn Heinrich Salmuth, seligen der heiligen Schrifft Doctorn vnd Professorn, weiland Pfarherrn vnd Superintendenten)
670/2:  : |a World biog. index, 18 Apr. 2000 |b (Salmuth, Heinrich; b. 1522; d. 1576; theologian)
670/3:  : |a RLIN, 18 Oct. 2000 |b (hdg.: Salmuth, Heinrich, 1522-1576; usage: ... Henrico Salmuth)

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