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Persons Not Known as Authors

For persons not primarily known as authors, base the form of name on reference sources issued in the person's language or country of residence or activity.

Example (printer):

010:  : |a nr 00032423
040:  : |a CtY-BR |b eng |c CtY-BR
100:1 : |a Bonibello, Michele, |d d. 1596
400/1:1 : |a Bonibelli, Michele, |d d. 1596
400/2:1 : |a Bonibello, Michiel, |d d. 1596
670/1:  : |a I secreti, 1595: |b t.p. (Michele Bonibelli)
670/2:  : |a EDIT 16 (WWW), 12 Apr. 2000 |b (Bonibello, Michele; also: Michele Bonibelli, Michiel Bonibello; d. 1596; printer active in Venice)
675:  : |a Diz. biog. degli Ital.; |a World biog. index (WWW), 31 Oct. 2000

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