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Citing Copy-Specific Names With No Usage

If the name to be established relates to your copy of an item only (e.g., provenance evidence), rather than to all copies of that item, and the name does not appear on the item, construct the citation according to the following examples.  Use the MARC Code List for Organizations whenever possible.

Example 1 (binder):

010:  : |a nr 00004687
040:  : |a CtY-BR |b eng |c CtY-BR
100:1 : |a Boppenhausen, Jacob Wilhelm, |d 1710-1761
670/1:  : |a Hermanni Conringii De nummis Ebraeorum paradoxa, 1675 |b (name not given; binder of CtY-BR copy)
670/2:  : |a Larsen, S. Danish eighteenth cent. bindings: |b p. 33 (Jacob Wilhelm Boppenhausen; b. 1710 Copenhagen, Denmark; d. 1761; bookbinder and seller)

Example 2 (former owner):

010:  : |a nr 00004464
040:  : |a CtY-BR |b eng |c CtY-BR
100:1 : |a Michell, Robert, |d 1653-1729
670/1:  : |a The London ladies vindication of top-knots, 1688 |b (name not given; former owner of CtY-BR copy)
670/2:  : |a House of Commons, 1660-1690 |b (Michell, Robert, 1653-1729; b. 10 Apr. 1653; d. 1 Aug 1729; MP 1689, 1690, 1695, 1698, 1701, 1702 for Petersfield)
675:  : |a DNB; |a Brit. biog. ind.; |a WW

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