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Name Position Phone Email/URL Areas of Expertise
Bolze, Tom Catalog Librarian III 432-8302 German language materials; Frick Collection
Ellickson, Ellen Catalog Librarian III 432-4850 German, Italian, & Scandinavian language materials; Dickens, Frick, & Shirley collections
Fell, Todd
Catalog Librarian III 432-5178 Russian, German materials; Western Americana; Cartographic materials
Gillis, Jane Catalog Librarian IV 432-2633 (BRBL)
Rare serials; expert user
Pearson, Audrey Catalog Librarian I 432-1702  
Schowalter-Hay, Oliver Catalog Assistant 432-8384 German language materials; Belle-lettres original cataloging; YCAL, including the Tanselle Collection of American literature; Cartographic materials
Smith, Christopher Catalog Librarian III 432-8377 Romance language materials; Western Americana; YCAL; expert user
True, Danijela Catalog Librarian I 432-8383  
Welbourne, Penny Catalog Librarian III 432-8378 YCAL materials; African Americana
Young, Stephen Catalog Librarian IV, Team Leader 432-8385 French, German, Greek, & Latin language materials; French government documents; Incunabula
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