Slavic & East European Miniature Books

Books acquired by the Slavic & East European Curator, that are 11 cm. and under, should be processed for the Slavic and East European Reading Room Miniature Book Collection.

1. Measure the book according to AACR2 2.5D1: "If the item measures less than 10 centimetres, give the height in millimetres." Books measuring 10 or 11 cm. should be measured in cm.

2. The item record permanent location should say: smlslam

"slam" stands for "Slavic miniatures"

3. The subject heading "Miniature books -- Specimens" should be added to records for books  10 cm. and under:

650 _ 0 ‡a Miniature books ‡v Specimens.

4. On the verso of title page, above call no. write:

Slavic Reading Room

Slavic miniatures


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