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List does not include special libraries & collections

Last updated on
April 10, 2015


Cataloging Tools

LINKS TO QUICK REFERENCE SOURCES FOR: Abbreviations, Call Numbers & Shelflisting (including the Cataloging Calculator), Description & Access, links to LC sites (including Cataloger's Desktop/ClassWeb/LC Online Authorities), MARC, the RDA Toolkit, Subject Cataloging, and Orbis. For the time being, clearinghouse for links to RDA Training Materials, LC/PCC RDA current requirements, best practices, works-in-progress, etc. Links to the conceptual basis of RDA are in the Future of Cataloging site.

Non-Book Cataloging Tools

Cartographic, Continuing Resources (Serials, Integrating), Electronic, Video, Sound Recordings, Graphic Materials

General Reference

LINKS TO: General reference sources for licenced content available to the Yale community (e.g. OED, Chicago Manual of Style, Columbia Gazetteer) or users worldwide (e.g. Wikipedia, GNIS), Library of Congress and PCC web pages, YUL Research Services subject pages, cataloging manuals & technical services websites of other libraries

OCLC & Other Bibliographic Utilities

LINKS TO DOCUMENTATION FOR: OCLC/Connexion (and the RLIN archival sites)









Authority Control at Yale

All things NACO/SACO impacting on Yale cataloging. Includes reference sources for name & subject headings (remote & print).

MacroExpress at Yale

Training/Professional Development

LINKS TO: training checklists & tutorials; professional library association pages, reference resources for librarianship, & professional reading e-journal links. RDA related training links are currently listed under Cataloging Tools.