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November 13, 2013

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Future of Cataloging

  1. Bibliography (SML Catalog Dept. Task Force on Vision & Direction)
  2. Catalogablog
  3. Cataloging for the Future (B. Tillett)
  4. Cataloging Futures Blog (Christine Schwartz)
  6. Future of Cataloging (Deanna Marcum) Adobe Portable Document File
  7. Future of Cataloging (LC Professional Guild)
  8. Futurelib wiki
  9. (Karen) Coyle's InFormation Blog
  10. LITA Blog (ALA)
  11. Lorcan Dempsey's Weblog
  12. National Library of Australia IT Architecture Project ReportAdobe Portable Document File
  13. Researchers' Use of Academic Libraries and their Services (RIN [UK]) Adobe Portable Document File
  14. Structures and Standards for Our Bibliographic Future (Diane Hillman) Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
  15. Mission Statement and Strategic Directions Through 2013 Microsoft Word Document
  16. What They Don't Teach in Library School (CPSO) (RealPlayer & PPT)
  17. White Paper on the Future of Cataloging at Indiana University Adobe Portable Document File
  18. WNCLN Classed Catalog
  19. Working group on the future of bibliographic control home page
  20. WorldCat Identities (OCLC)
  21. WorldCat Local (U. of Washington)

Metadata Basics

  1. Glossary of Metadata Standards (Jenn Riley) Adobe Portable Document File 
  2. Introduction to Metadata (Getty)
  3. Metadata 101 Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation (IAC Metadata Committee)
  4. MetaMap (Requires SVG viewer; link to plugin site on Welcome page)
  5. Metadata and Cataloging Online Resources (Steven J. Miller webpage)
  6. Metadata and Related Topics (IAC Metadata Committee)
  7. Metadata Blog (ALA)
  8. Metadata Standards, Crosswalks, and Standard Organizations (Cat. Toolbox)
  9. Understanding Medata (NISO) Adobe Portable Document File



  1. Joint Steering Committee for Revision of Anglo-American Cataloging Rules
  2. Bibliographic Framework Initiative
  3. The FRBR Blog (William Denton)
  4. Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records: Final Report (IFLA) Also available as: Adobe Portable Document File
  5. Functional Requirements for Authority Data (FRAD) new icon
  6. JSC Working Documents
  7. LC RDA Training Materials (Cataloger's Learning Workshop) new icon
  8. Library of Congress RDA Page
  9. NACO RDA Training Page new gif
  10. PCC RDA site new gif
  11. RDA Changes from AACR2 for Texts (B. Tillett; video requires RealPlayer)(Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation bottom of the page)
  12. (RDA) Changes to AACR2 Instructions (JSC) Adobe Portable Document File
  13. RDA FAQ
  14. RDA Presentations (JSC; includes Schiff's AACR2/RDA comparison of examples)
  15. RDA Prospectus (JSC)
  16. RDA Toolkit
  17. Statement of International Cataloging Principles Adobe Portable Document File
  18. Term and Code List for (336) RDA Content Types new icon
  19. Term and Code List for (337) RDA Media Types new icon
  20. Term and Code List for (338) RDA Carrier Types new icon
  21. What is FRBR? : a Conceptual Model for the Bibliographic Universe Adobe Portable Document File


  1. Bibliographic Framework as a Web of Data (Nov. 2012) new icon

AACR2 2002/05 Amendments

  1. AACR2 Amendments 2005
  2. LC Implementation of 2002 Edition of AACR2 - Significant Changes
  3. 2002 Revision of AACR2 & YUL Implementation for Support Staff and Supervisors Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
  4. Transforming AACR: Using the Revised Rules in Chapter 9 and 12  (Les Hawkins & Jean Hirons)
  5. AACR2, 2002 Revision: Chapter 12, etc. (Judy Kuhagen)
  6. Selected Documents from Library of Congress Rule Interpretations, 2002, Update no. 4
  7. Monograph, Serial, or Integrating Resource: Guidelines for Making the decision (LCRI 1.0)
  8. Integrating Resources: a Cataloging Manual (PCC)