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Last updated on
October 24, 2013


LC Cataloging Tools

  1. Cataloger's Desktop (Web version)
  2. Cataloger's Desktop FAQ (incl. Quick Tips)
  3. Cataloger's Desktop 3.0: Search at a Glance Adobe Portable Document File
  4. Cataloger's Desktop 3.0--New Login Instructions Adobe Portable Document File
  5. Cataloger's Desktop (Web Version): a Basic Introduction Adobe Portable Document File
  6. Classification Web
  7. LC Online Catalog
  8. LC Authorities


  1. RDA Toolkit
    • See YUL Local Workflows in the Toolkit for Current Policies & Practices
  2. Term and Code List for (336) RDA Content Types
  3. Term and Code List for (337) RDA Media Types
  4. Term and Code List for (338) RDA Carrier Types
  5. RDA in MARC
  6. CONSER RDA Serials Cataloging Documentation
  7. Library of Congress RDA Page
  8. LC Training Modules for RDA (posted 6/12; latest update Oct. 2012)
  9. LC Training: Special Topics [Art Catalogs, Compilations, Conferences, Revised Editions, and more]
  10. LC Core Elements Adobe Portable Document File
  11. NACO: RDA in NACO for AACR2 Catalogers (Bridge)Training Page (with webvideos)
  12. NACO RDA Training Site
  13. NACO: Summary of Programmatic Changes to the LC/NAF File: What LC-PCC RDA Catalogers Need to Know Adobe Portable Document File
  14. NACO: Changes to the LC/NACO Authority File (Oct. 2012) Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
  15. NACO: PCC RDA in NACO Series Training
  16. NACO: Updates to Z1 (Sept. 2013)
  17. MARC 21 Encoding to Accommodate new RDA Elements Adobe Portable Document File
  18. OCLC RDA Resource Page
  19. OCLC Policies on RDA Records (Links to Pre- & Post- March 31 Policies
  20. Oxford Bodleian RDA Page
  21. PCC Home Page (links to the PCC RDA sites are given here)
  22. PCC Bibco Bridge Training 
  23. PCC RDA BSR Metadata Application Profile (MAP, April 15, 2014 revision) PDF WORD new icon
  24. Post RDA Implementation Guidelines and Standards
  25. PCC Provider-Neutral E-Resource MARC Record Guide: P-N/RDA version (Jan. 2013; official version) Word Microsoft Word Document PDF Adobe Portable Document File
  27. PCC RDA Record Examples
  28. PCC Task Group on AACR2 & RDA Acceptable Heading Categories Microsoft Word Document
  29. PCC Task Group on Expressions Final Report Adobe Portable Document File 
  30. PCC Post-Implementation Hybrid Record Guidelines 
    1. Monographs Microsoft Word Document
    2. Serials Microsoft Word Document
    3. Integrating Resources Microsoft Word Document
  31. PCC Relationship Designators in Bibliographic Records Microsoft Word Document
  32. PCC Guidelines for coding MARC 21 Field 264 Microsoft Word Document
  33. Interim Policies Before Mar. 31, 2013
    1. PCC Guidelines for Working with RDA and non-RDA Records Prior to Implementation
  34. PCC TG Reports (Replaced by OpCo Instructions)
    1. PCC Task Group on Hybrid Bibliographic Records Report Microsoft Word Document
    2. PCC Task Group on Relationship Designators Final Report Microsoft Word Document
  35. See RDA Toolkit Local Workflows for Current YUL Policies & Practices
  36. YUL RDA C&T Training Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
  37. YUL RDA SharePoint Site
  38. YUL RDA FAQ (SharePoint wiki)
  39. YUL RDA Excel Sheets for Orbis & NACO excel gif
  40. YUL RDA Short Checklists 
  41. YUL Guidelines and Local Policies for Reviewing Authority Records not coded as RDA Microsoft Word Document

See also: RDA/FRBR Section on AACR2 Plus page


  1. AACR2 Abbreviations (Roman Alphabet) (Yale)
  2. Abbreviations of the Names of Months (Yale)
  3. Abbreviations for Captions: AACR2/ISO (Cornell)
  4. Abbreviations of places (PSU)update gif

Description & Access

  1. Days of the week/Months of the year [use with caution]
  2. Descriptive Cataloging of East Asian Material (LC)
  3. End punctuation for variable fields (Yale)
  4. Entry element for surnames with separately written prefixes (Yale)
  5. Fraktur chart (Yale)
  6. Glossary of Western European bibliographic terms [including ordinal & cardinal numbers] (Cataloger's Toolbox)
  7. Greek Usage in Cataloging (Princeton)
  8. Julian date converter (USNO)
  9. Metric conversions new gif
  10. Notes (Order of, Examples) (PSU) update gif
  11. Roman numeral conversion
  12. Romanization tables (ALA/LC)
  13. Virtual International Authority File (VIAF)

Subject & Form/Genre

  1. Biblical materials (Princeton)
  2. LCSH Genre/Form FAQ (LC) Adobe Portable Document File
  3. LCSH Mini-Review #1: Dictionaries and Terminology (Yale) Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
  4. LCSH for Folklore: H 1627 (Yale) Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
  5. LCSH Headings for Videorecordings (LC) Adobe Portable Document File
  6. LCSH Topical Headings Theoretically Usable as Genre Headings (OLAC)
  7. MeSH Browser (Medical Subject Headings) new gif
  8. Russia/Soviet Union/Former Soviet Republics (Princeton Slavic Team)
  9. Subject Headings for Theological Resources (ATLA presentation by Eric Friede & Jeff Siemon; posted with permission by the authors) new gif



Call Numbers & Shelflisting

  1. Belletristic Call Numbers (SML) 2005 version
  2. Belletristic Call Numbers: P-PZ40 Table
  3. Belletristic Call Numbers: P-PZ40 Examples
  4. Biography Table
  5. Cataloging Calculator (Oregon)
  6. Classify (OCLC)
  7. Dewey to LC map
  8. LC Classification Outline (LC)
  9. LC Cutter Table  (Yale)
  10. LC Cataloging & Shelflisting Manual 2013 updates Adobe Portable Document File new gif
  11. Library of Congress Classification Call Numbers (Overview) (Yale)
  12. Old Yale Classification Outline
  13. Orbis2 Location Codes excel gif
  14. Regions and Countries Table
  15. Shelflisting Introduction (Yale)
  16. Shelflisting Quick Reference Table (Yale)
  17. Subclass G (Cartographic Materials)-Special instructions and tables of subdivisions
  18. Orbis MFHD Examples


  1. Counting non-filing indicators in MARC 21 bibliographic records (PCC)
  2. Fixed Fields Checklist for Voyager (Yale)
  3. Format Integration Cheat Sheet (Yale)
  4. Initial definite and indefinite articles (LC)
  5. MARC Standards (LC)
  6. Understanding MARC (LC)
  7. Value Lists for Codes & Controlled Vocabularies new gif


  1. WebVoyage searching guide
  2. Cataloger's Toolkit