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November 1, 2013

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  1. YUL Calendar (classes, workshops, etc)
  2. Ergonomics Web-Site (Yale)
  3. Orbis 2 Training Documents
  4. Cataloging Staff Training Outline (Word) Microsoft Word Document
  5. Cataloger's Learning Workshop (LC/PCC/ALCTS)
  6. CONSER Standard Record SCCTP Training Presentation Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
  7. Creating, Editing & Using Templates
         Choose format: Microsoft Word Document  Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
  8. MARC 21 Bibliographic Tutorial (Univ. So. Miss. Lib. Bib. Serv.)
  9. Metadata as We Know It Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
  10. Microsoft Office Training
  11. Murder in the stacks (media player required; access restricted to Yale workstations)
  12. Orbis Help
  13. Recording Serial Volume Holdings Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation update gif
  14. Recording Serial Volume Holdings Exercises Microsoft Word Document update gif
  15. Searching the Bibliographic Utilities: Best Practices Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
  16. Shelflisting--Time for Changes Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
  17. Simple Serial Updates Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation update gif
  18. Simple Serial Updates. Exercises Microsoft Word Document
  19. Training Catalogers: a Checklist for Managers and Trainers (ALCTS [2005]) Adobe Portable Document File
  20. Training Catalogers in the Electronic Era (ALCTS)
  21. What They Don't Teach in Library School (CPSO) (RealPlayer & PowerPoint)
  22. Yale University Library Online LibraryTutorials Web page
  23. YUL & the BSR Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

RDA: Introductions, Training Materials new gif

  1. RDA: Beyond Technical Services Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
  2. RDA Basics (NELA) Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
  3. YUL RDA C&T Training 2013 Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
  4. YUL RDA C&T Exercises 2013 Microsoft Word Document
  5. YUL RDA C&T Answers to Exercises 2013 Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

Librarianship Resources

  1. AUTOCAT Archive
  2. Information Professional's Glossary (School of Information Resources & Library Science, U. of Arizona)
  3. Internet Library for Librarians
  4. Library and Information Resources on the Web (Intuit) new gif
  5. ODLIS--Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science
  6. Selected Internet Resources for Library Literature

Professional Associations

  1. ALA -- American Library Association
  2. ALCTS -- Association for Library Collections & Technical Services
  4. Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA

Selected E-Journals
(Access limited to Yale workstations & proxies--link is to the YaleLinks SFX page; for some titles only recent issues may be available)

  1. Cataloging & Classification Quarterly
  2. Chronicle of Higher Education
  3. Code4Libr Journal
  4. College and Research Libraries
  5. College and Research Libraries News
  6. D-Lib Magazine
  7. Evidence-Based Library and Information Practice (2006-)
  8. Information Technology and Libraries
  9. Journal of Academic Librarianship (1993-)
  10. Journal of Library Administration (1980-)
  11. Journal of Library Metadata (1997-)
  12. Library Collections, Acquisitions, and Technical Services (1999-)
  13. Library Hi-Tech (1997-)
  14. Library Journal (1976-)
  15. Library Quarterly (1931-)
  16. Library Resources & Technical Services (LRTS) (2004-)
  17. Library Technology Reports (1994-, full text 2002-)
  18. Library Trends (1997-)
  19. Serials Librarian (1977-)
  20. Serials Review (1975-)
  21. Technical Services Law Librarian (1975-)
  22. Technical Services Quarterly (1984-)
  23. Technicalities (1984-)
  24. Online Journals on Librarianship at Yale