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April 15, 2013

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  1. Searching WorldCat via Connexion 2.0: Best Practices gif updated
  2. Searching the Bibliographic Utilities: Cheat Sheet Microsoft Word Document (Word)
  3. Searching the Bibliographic Utilities:Best Practices (PowerPoint Presentation) Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

OCLC/Connexion (Official)

  1. Bibliographic Formats and Standards, Second Edition
  2. Cataloging:Search WorldCat (web version of Client Help)
  3. Connexion Client documentation
  4. Connexion Client tutorials
  5. Connexion System Alerts
  6. Connexion client problems & troubleshooting
  7. Connexion Main Page
  8. Expert Community Experiment FAQ
  9. OCLC Home Page
  10. OCLC-CAT Archives
  11. Searching WorldCat Indexes new gif
  12. Searching WorldCat Reference Card new update
  13. Technical Service Bulletins
  14. WorldCat (Public Interface)



OCLC/Connexion YUL Documentation  

  1. OCLC Connexion Basics gif updated
  2. Connexion 2.0 Settings for Cataloging Staff Microsoft Word Document (Word) gif new
  3. Connexion 2.0 Policies & Procedures for Exports gif new
  4. Connexion Client Basics (NELINET; password protected)
  5. Connexion Keyword Searching Examples
  6. Connexion Derived Search
  7. Connexion/RLIN FAQ new glyph
  8. Connexion: Setting Export Options
  9. Connexion/Voyager Unicode Settings connexion/voyager unicode settings
  10. Non-Latin Script Cataloging: Key Points Microsoft Word Document
  11. Connexion Diacritic & Special Character Keymap DRAFT
  12. Parallel Records in WorldCat FAQ new gif
  13. When to Input a New Record Microsoft Word Document
  14. Yale/Connexion Wiki

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