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Additional Notes on CJK Recon Processing

  1. Fv call numbers:

    • Search both Fv followed immediately by the numbers AND Fv followed by numbers with a space in between. Some call numbers of the provisional records are either in the former format or the later. In Voyager, a space in between the letters and the numbers will give different search results.

    • For all the Fv call numbers that we need to add to or edit in Orbis, always put only the Fv in $h, and put all the rest of the call number in $i.

    • Example:

      Fv  1027 3146 2 1896 852  70 $b smlasi $h Fv $i 1027 3146 2 1896

    • For the call numbers started with Fv followed immediately by another letter, DO NOT leave any space in between the letters and the numbers that immediately follow. Put them in $h. The rest of the numbers will be put in $i.

    • Example:

      Fvb25 Ad12 852  70  $b smly $h Fvb25 $i Ad12

    See Instructions on Fv Call Numbers for details.

  2. Item location on provisional records:

  3. Sometimes the provisional records have an incorrect location code (i.e. smly instead ofsmlasi for Fv call numbers). When re-linking items from such provisional records to the full-level record, make sure a) that the MFHD location is corrected, and b) the location on the re-linked items is also corrected.

  4. Microfilm records:

  5. Sometimes a full-level record for a microfilm title contains a MFHD for the print title. This should be corrected by bringing in the full-level record for the print version, generating the MFHD, and re-linking the item record(s) from the MFHD of the microfilm record, if any. Suppress the MFHD on the microfilm record (pay attention to the item location and make sure it matches the MFHD location) after the re-linking.

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