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Catalog Management Team Goals

FY 2005/2006

   • Support the Collection Space Management project to improve the shelving condition in SML.


  • Resolve bibliographic and holdings problems for monographs to be transferred to LSF in a timely manner.
  • Collect data for monograp problem resolution and establish the basis for the next year's production goal.
  • Review and triage 4000 volumes of serials monthly for pulling in the SML stacks.
  • Resolve bibliographic and holdings problems promptly for the 4000 monthly serial volumes to be transferred to LSF.
  • Improve and complete documentation and training for CSM monographs and serials processing.
  • Train LSF staff in processing serial item for serial transfer.
  • Review the staffing needs and adjust staff assignments as the project moves along.

   • Make continued progress in the Serials recon cleanup.


  • Develop strategy and action plan to clean up the serial problems remaining from the vendor's conversion process (Summer 2005).
  • Resume the serial holdings conversion for Kline and SSL libraries if staffing permits (Fall 2005).

   • Support the Library's authority control effort through heading clean-up processes.


  • Work with Authority Control Librarian to identify target projects.
  • Assist in the transition of vended authority services from OCLC to Backstage Library and in the processing of backlog of deleted and changed heading report.

   • Establish regular catalog maintenance progams and procedures.


  • Identify target projects from current Orbis record maintenance needs.
  • Design and implement routine catalog maintenance procedures.
  • Provide documentation and training for routine or regular catalog maintenance processes.
  • Establish web form for reporting catalog eorrors in Orbis.

   • Support team staff's professional development and growth.


  • Train and support team members to develop new skills needed for the team's ongoing or new tasks and projects.
  • Encourage team members' participation in library-wide committees or tasks groups.
  • Reassess the staff training needs as the team moves from project to project.

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