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Heading Validation Policy for CMT Staff

The Catalog Management Team will follow a different heading validation policy than that used by other cataloging staff in the Library. This is because the primary goal of the team is to convert existing records to electronic form, not to upgrade them.

Check "Check "Bypass Authority Control Validation" under Options -> Preferences -> Validation

Generally, do not validate headings when creating new records in Voyager

Optionally, you may validate any heading that you suspect to be incorrect, and make corrections as needed, but this option should be exercised only occasionally

To perform the optional validation, place your cursor to the left of the heading, right-click, and select "validate a single heading." If the heading does not validate, you will need to search Orbis and then LCDB looking for an appropriate authority record. If you do not find one, simply leave the heading as is.

Librarians on the team are not expected to create NACO authority records for unestablished headings.

All newly created Voyager records should be exported to MARS for automated authorities processing.

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