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Step by Step Guide to Searching RLIN21

     Logging on

  • Click on the RLIN21 icon on the Start menu.
  • The RLIN21 logon window opens. Under Profile Name, select SML Cat Mangmnt update.
  • Click once in the Password field or press the tab key. Type in your password. Press Enter


  • To search a record, select the radio button next to Title, Author, Subject, ISBN, ISSN, LCCN, or Record ID.
    Note: You can search a series title the same way you would a monograph title.
  • Type in your search, omitting both the command and the index term that you would have used in old RLIN. I.e., type english cricket instead of "Fin tp english cricket." Truncation in title, author, etc searches is implicit--do not enter # at the end.
  • Browse the titles, and then click the hyperlink of the title you're looking for.
  • If there is more than one record, the list will display in Brief form. Click the hyperlink of your title to view its MARC record.


  • If this is your record, select EXPORT. You will see a message stating that the record was sent to your RLIN import file C://Voyager/Import/RLINimp/pass.sav. Click OK.
  • In Voyager, check Options-->Preferences-->Mapping. Make sure the the box marked Local Import displays MARC21 MARC-8. This preference will remain until you change it. Import your record as usual (Record-->Import-->New FIle-->RLINImp-->pass.sav-->OK).


  • To print a record MARC format, click the Print (next to Export). This opens a new window. Click the Printer icon.      
    IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to print the record from the original RLIN21 window or click on the Print command next to Email; this may cause the software to print ALL records retrieved.

     Logging Off

  • Once you are done searching and exporting, click EXIT in the upper right-hand corner of the RLIN window. You can reconnect using the refresh icon at the top left of your screen (it looks like a white sheet of paper with a blue arrow inside). It is recommended that you do not close out of the program by clicking X, as you will have to log on and re-enter your password. If your session has timed out due to inactivity, click the return link.

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