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Present:  Christopher Killheffer, Cindy Greenspun, Marybeth Bean, Rick Bean (chair), Susan Crockford-Peters, Pamela Jordan, Susan Burdick, Beatrice Luh, Anthony Riccio, Mary Ellen Sellitto, Matthew Glickman, Patrick Butler, Victoria Gardner (minute-taker).


Christopher Killheffer will be the Privileges Supervisor during Cindy Greenspun’s maternity leave (1/19/07-7/9/07).

The ID sticker memo was sent out yesterday.  If you need more colour copies, contact Barbara DaRe.

Two C&T positions are open at Engineering and at Forestry and Environmental Studies.  The new sciences librarian begins February.

The position for Chair of CSG will be open in April.  Let Rick know if you would like to become Chair within the month.  It is good for your promotion package and a good development activity.

Conferences:  Access Services Symposium, Technology and Library Services Symposium coming up.  Usually a limit of 5 for AccSrv symposium.  Contact SECP if you would like to go.

The LSFi Mapping table is being created.  If you have any books sitting around waiting to have LSFi types, these take priority.

An item in a list in OPAC with a LOST status when it had been discharged already was reported to Sue C-P as a possible 6.1.1 problem.  It was cleared when the MIT report was updated.

The E-reserves pilot at Divinity is well accepted by the students.  However, if it were a process in place we would need more staff and money.  Also, we would need more exact info on copyright laws regarding this.

The MIT report is refreshed every Monday evening, not every Monday morning.

ID Card System UPDATE:

Christopher and Cindy announced that the photo privileges cards (not ID cards) will be in place by January 17.  They will replace the paper priv cards for all patrons except proxies.  They showed off some printed cards.  The background colour is the same as the old cards, and will show what access the patrons have.  If two patron groups are active, the colour will be the higher access one.

The eventual goal is to provide swipe access to the library to the card holders, but the security system is not yet linked with the ID card system.  This will happen at some point during the spring semester.

Send readers to the privileges office to register.

The only thing they changed in Voyager is the patron group display field.  This only shows in SysAdmin.

The expiration date prints on the card and we have stickers with dates so that we don’t have to keep printing new cards.

We will create payment types in Orbis for the priv card and the replacement cost for the card, but not by next week.

We are about to send out a letter to all current card holders and all people whose cards expired last year to let them know.  People whose cards expire after 2/1 will be asked to schedule an appointment with the privileges office to get a new card.

Hold Shelf Project (at SML/CCL)

Cindy Greenspun and Victoria Gardner talked about the new hold shelf procedures in place at SML/CCL. 

We get a copy of all of the hold available notices E-mailed to us as a SIF file.  We download them through ACCESS and print out hold slips, which we then place in every book on the hold shelf.

It is easier for us for quality control and so we can see the names easier on the hold shelf.

The bottom half of the slip is for NOS’s and becomes a searching slip so we know even before the reader comes by to pick it up that it is missing.

Callslip Requests/Books Checked Out Blocking Patrons

With Rel. 5 we discovered people were able to charge books out past the loan limit.  We asked systems to fix this and thought it was.

Release 6 readers are using OPAC, trying to request books.  When they get to the drop down menu it doesn't have the option for “request staff search or delivery”.  The recall option was still there.

In the examples one reader was over the charge limit and one might have been if call slips that have not been processed out of the daemon were counted.  Are there ghost holds?
Cindy is going to run a report and warn readers who are over the charge limits to return books.

We don’t know what the upshot is going to be.  We haven’t tested clearing the call slip daemon yet.

Extending the call slip life might have something to do with it.

Send ideas of production problems to Christopher and Sue.  Maybe Voyager needs a stable connection.

Recap of the Upgrade!

Things went really smoothly.
We couldn’t get offline circ for a while and the patron charge screen wasn’t timing out but we fixed it.

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