Feb.. 12, 2008

SML Circulation Support Group Circulation Support Group



Attending: Patrick Butler (chair), Larry Martins (recording), Marybeth Bean, Lauren Brown, Susan Burdick, Ping Fu, Cindy Greenspun, Pamela Jordan, Chris Killheffer, Lorine Murphy, Ken Raining, Anthony Riccio, Lisa Thomas


Larry Martins of Mudd Library announced the new hours and access policy of Mudd Library and the Government Documents Center.  The new hours are: Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 4:45 PM.  Mudd Library and GDC are no longer open on evenings or weekends.  Anyone wishing to use the collections – both Mudd and GDC – will need to have a valid Yale ID or visitor temporary card.  Those without valid Yale ID’s or visitor passes will not be allowed in the building.  There is a card reader mounted outside the front door of Mudd.  Those who wish to enter the Mudd building must display a valid ID with proxy card status (attainable at the ID office) at the card reader and the door will unlock automatically.  Visitors will be required to press an intercom and state that they have attained a temporary privileges card and they will be buzzed in by Mudd staff.

Marybeth Bean of Kline informed the group that due to construction in her area there are safety concerns and restricted parking for those visiting Kline. After 4:30 PM any persons wishing to enter the library will need to go to the side door or the back door (facing Prospect).

The next annual meeting of Ivies Plus will take place on March 10th and 11th.  This will coincide with the next scheduled meeting of the CSG ( March 11th).  Accordingly, March’s CSG meeting may be rescheduled.

Chris Killheffer announced the return of Lisa Thomas to Access Services.

  New Business:

Generation of Agenda Items – Marybeth Bean

Recent CSG meetings have been cancelled due to lack of agenda items.  Members of the group are encouraged to canvass staff in their units for topics they would like to be brought before the group.

New Circulation Reports – Ping Fu

Ping Fu informed the group of the creation of two new circulation reports concerning reserve items.  One report will enable staff to search for items in their units that are on reserve currently, while the other report will allow you to view the history of items that have been on reserve in the past.  The reports do not currently display call number or title.  The group requested that this info be included in the reports.  At present barcode, item ID and reserve list ID are included in the report.  Ping said that these could be omitted so that the other info could be included.

Changing the Expiration Date for UG Seniors  – Chris Killheffer

The expiration date for graduating seniors will be changed from August 30th to May 31st of graduation year.  Seniors wishing to use the Yale libraries during the summer after they graduate will need to register with the Privileges Office and will be offered stack and borrowing privileges free of charge.  The expiration date for these summer privileges will be August 30th.  There is a new Privileges measure that requires anyone outside the Yale community applying for borrowing privileges to have a valid credit card on file.  This will apply to alumni and newly graduated students as well.  The credit card info will be kept in a secure, encrypted file.  The emails announcing this will go out no later than the end of March.

Discussion of In-Building Procedures – Cindy Greenspun & Chris Killheffer

There was a discussion of how best to handle non-circulating items that are being sent to other campus libraries for in-building use.  It may be that some departmental libraries may not be able to handle these or will need to have some sort of protocol in place.  There was also a suggestion that perhaps the call slip daemon settings could be changed so that requests for non-circulating items going to these libraries would not be allowed.  A sub-committee was formed to further look into this.  The members are to be Larry Martins, Marybeth Bean and an unspecified person from SML/Bass Access services.

Call Slip Daemon and Barcode Errors – Marybeth Bean

With time running out Marybeth Bean of Kline wanted to bring to the groups’ attention the high incidence of truncated barcodes seemingly being created through the call slip daemon.  This came to her notice when she was running the ever popular “Missing In Transit” report.  This problem could be due to human error or technical problems with the barcode scanners.  The solution could lie in staff training with an emphasis to attention to the screen and pop-ups.

Overdue Items Block – Chris Killheffer

There was no time for this topic.  It should be covered in the next meeting.


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