February 14, 2006

SML Circulation Support Group Circulation Support Group


PRESENT: Marybeth Bean, Rick Bean (Chair), Susan Burdick, Patrick Butler, Susan Crockford-Peters, John Gallagher, Cindy Greenspun, Steve Jones (Minute Taker), Chris Killheffer, Pamela Jordan, Beverly Lett, Judy Parker, Dana Peterman, Este Pope, Anthony Riccio


Some housekeeping stuff about CSG - Rick
Streamlining Online Renewals
Rephrasing Place Request Page
Overview of Toastmaster's International - Special Guest Kalee Sprague
Upcoming Conferences:
Ivies+ Access Services Symposium
EndUser - Apr.20-22, 2006
· 2006 Ivies+ Access Services Symposium flyer by Cindy Greenspun (www.library.yale.edu/~cgreensp/AccSrvsymp06/Home.htm)
· CSG Minute Takers (February 2006 to April 2007) by Rick Bean
· For the Upcoming Year in CSG. . . by Rick Bean

  • Meeting minute takers are carved in stone now, per Rick.
    Toastmasters International Friday meeting 12-1 at 221 Whitney 5th floor conference room.
  • Kalee Sprague did not attend to talk about this group.
  • Robert's Rules - Rick has a copy of this and seems on the verge of using it.
  • New business/old business discussion ensued.

Marybeth proposed the last meetings minutes should be read to start minutes of next meeting?

Dana suggested- Do minutes quickly, within 3 days don't be a perfectionist, do it, do it.

Pending topics
Everyone should send Rick topics between meetings
End User Conference is coming up.

John Gallagher speaks to staff and patrons reports that Renewal on the web,
why isn't the default "renew all materials."
Sue explains that there is a limit to the number of renewals by design.
99 renewals is the limit, rest of limits are at 999, if renewals were kept at 999 the maximum number of renewals would have been reached with no work
around - so it was purposely set low.
Some people renew every day for 99 days. Some faculty have hit max renewals.
Marybeth asks - What is logic for renewals? Can we have unlimited renewals?

Explanation - Patrons can't take out book for more than one year. If patrons can't find it they renew it. Limits helps urge them to file lost claim. Policy thrust - have people account for a book once each year.
Bev mentions 7 day loan period in Art & Architecture Library.
1 day loan with renewal 3X online because of kind of material they don't want to circulate longer - images in much of the material
Sue B. -- in regard to renewing ILL items, you have to charge those out again, not renew. Sue B. suggested to survey patrons with more than 150 out. Overdue notices help with renewal
Sue said patrons say reviewing what they have is helpful to them.
John said we are talking about many exceptions but not a policy?
When you hit 99X renewed it just stops
Sue thinks it tells you why it stopped.
John says changing default to renew all doesn't change renew functionality
Box at bottom of screen can't be moved. Renew all is not obvious.
There is an option to Renew All.
Este suggests making changes in voyager at end of spring semester.
Sue says changes occur every 6 months at present.
Sue's preference is to not make "renew all" the default but to make it easier and more accessible.
John wants to make the "place request" screen more accessible and clearer.
Sue said wording was flipped 1.5 years ago, "Request delivery or staff search"
was®"Request staff search or delivery"
Sue wants word order to go back to former
Many libraries don't allow recalls through OPAC.
Drop down option in Place Request screen
Now default = Request Recall
Sue top line "place a hold" - to be eliminated
"create purchase request" put elsewhere
Call slip daemon is where request goes
Sue can't change drop down list or web format behind them
Statuses or locations at
"Place request"
-- On order
-- Purchase Request
-- Recall items
-- Request staff search
Sue would welcome new eyes on this.
John wants someone to investigate networking?
Request Staff Search put 1st request from Katie Bauer to put into 6 months cycle they will connect it;
Why do we have "staff search?" Sue wants people to know staff actually have to search. Sue doesn't want people coming to circ desk if they can't find something on shelf
1. Rick will work on Language of Place Request with
2. Sue Burdick
3. John Gallagher
Must check with reference before any wording could change.

Chris K. -- Circ reports, any changes discuss at next meeting
Final Search
Credit Due
Lost Item Discharged
Find Lost Items
Agree on changes and pass along for implementation

Sue - doesn't know dates of 6 mo improvements.
Cash register - check w/Chris if you justify a register
If you take in money you need to use website cash processing software. Justifying Cash Register is urgent
Look at our procedures and call Chris K.
Credit Due - we will get a fix that allows taking off hold on withdrawn or billed books.
Chris [K] will send a summarized procedure.
Bursar transfer file for 10/17/05 didn't transfer.
don't do it on another 17th
same billing problems
Sue announced self check out by March 1st '06

Wiring is done, systems is done.
gives paper printout, Regular workstation w/printer.
Sue wants people to be comfortable before CCL closes

CCL on schedule
Nothing on bottom floors by April 30th. [if] SML for CCL books
CCL starts moving books May 23, taking11 days to move CCL into SML.
Access Services Symposium on March 9 & 10 2006

2006 Ivies and Access Services Symposium
People can attend from Yale. Sue doesn't want to flood registration process with Yalies. 100 or so is max.

Check website and see if anything to update or improve
People are signing up for tours,
let Sue know who to ask to conduct tours.

People cluster around LSF tours. Tours are Thurs.

End User in April - Chicago
Cindy and Marybeth are presenting

Respectfully submitted by Steve Jones 2/17/2006

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