March 9, 2004

Present: Marybeth Bean, Susan Burdick (recorder), Ken Crilly, Pam Jordan, Beverly Lett, Matthew Glickman, Cindy Greenspun, Duane Mellor, Danelle Moon, Jeanette Murdock, Judy Parker, Dana Peterman, Sue Crockford-Peters, Shawn Steidinger, Lisa Thomas

Absent: Martha Clark, Rick Bean, John Gallagher, Carol Jones, Suzanne Eggleston, Carla Heister, Diane Kaplan, Christopher Killheffer, Robert Kinney, Bea Luh, Shashi Luthra, Kathy Mansi, Larry Martins, Lorine Murphy, Amanda Patrick, Anthony Riccio

SML Circulation Support Group Circulation Support Group


2:00 PM; SML 409

Old Business

Overnight loan option: Ken Crilly and Shawn Steidinger gave an update of the status. The settings for testing have not been set up on the computer (machine on 5th floor), so testing has not occurred. Ken and Shawn will meet within the next two weeks to setup for, then the overnight reserve committee will meet to determine if this is something that we should adapt. Sue Crockford-Peters said that we should still keep working on it so that we are ready when we need to be. Other projects have been delayed: Security profiles and Claims returned setting. This testing was on the Calendar for Nov.

Installation of the Unicode release has been delayed until June 2005. (not January as reported yesterday)

New Business

Item status report work around: Shawn Steidinger reported on this. She still can't figure out why we get the halt message when trying to use the report system already set up. She has developed a work around system, a pass through query. This program is now set up on Judy Parker's computer. People who need this set up on their computers should send Shawn an e-mail. Shawn will train those who will be using this system.

Discussion followed where people asked if there would be an easier way to process circ reports (aka: the web reports for item status that we used in the past) so all circulation staff could do this. Sue Crockford-Peters and Dana Peterman will draft documentation for the missing status procedures. These are very important for selectors and will also satisfy faculty queries. ????

The In transit report was brought up. Judy said some of the libraries have already searched for these and replied to her. People reported that a high percentage of these were not found on the shelf. Judy will be sending out follow up procedures.
Place request update: Shawn mentioned that the Specify an issue had disappeared from the place request form. She fixed this by making it a non-required? field. Shawn also mentioned that on the dropdown menu in OPAC for delivery for the Beinecke Library the wording has been changed to: Beinecke in library use.

Shawn also mentioned that due to a patch installment we now are getting a Reassignment Alert! when processing call slips that were put on records without item records. Pam Jordan passed out a work around and will also send the file via e-mail.

Validation stickers: Dana Peterman's draft letter for dealing with patrons who come to the desk without a valid sticker on their id was discussed. Marybeth thought that the wording should be changed. All agreed that this was a good idea. Sue said that there is a need for follow up procedures. Discussion followed.

On this topic Sue mentioned that she and Cindy meet with the ID center staff on various issues.

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