Mar. 13, 2008

SML Circulation Support Group Circulation Support Group


Minutes of the Circulation Support Group

March 13, 2008

Attending: Marybeth Bean, Rick Bean, Patrick Butler (chair, recording), Ping Fu, Cindy Greenspun, Pamela Jordan, Beatrice Luh, Anthony Riccio, Lisa Thomas

Minutes – Patrick Butler

To address the struggle of finding minute takers and alleviate some of us who frequently volunteer, we will be asking for someone to volunteer for the next month at the end of each meeting.  If everyone volunteers, we will only have to take minutes once a year.  Patrick will be keeping track of who has taken the minutes in the past.  Larry took the minutes in February, Patrick in March, and Pam will take minutes in April.

Productivity – Patrick Butler

In an effort to be more productive as a group, we’d like to stress the importance of participation and attendance from all members and the need to begin our meetings on time.  We will also be re-forming sub-committees with a leader/chair that will get support, direction and a charge from CSG.  The sub-committees will report to CSG monthly about their progress as a regular agenda item.  The sub-committees are currently: Statistics, Reserves, Patron Record Group, and In-Building Procedures.  An announcement about the re-formation of the sub-committees will be sent out to all CSG members.

Ping Fu – ILTS is currently working on a program that will be removing the social security numbers from active patron records and will strip the last four from the institutional ID section.  The project has just started.  They will begin testing shortly.

Ping Fu – Ping sent out a prototype of a report that is able to generate course reserve information for faculty that includes reserve items for all the instructors in the department in one report.  Before it becomes a final report he is requesting feedback from everyone.  Please contact Ping if you did not receive the report or have any comments/suggestions for him.

John Gallagher (via Rick Bean) – Two people have been interviewed for the Access Services position in the Social Science Library and a search has begun for the Access Services librarian position in the Art & Architecture Library.

Rick Bean – Rick has initiated an intensive searching project for books that have been marked missing from 1998 – present.  The report generated 1900 titles and so far 50 – 60% of the books have been found.  He has been suppressing the ones that were not found and have been missing for over two years.

Rick Bean – If anyone was planning on attending the Ex Libris conference and were concerned about the date change and the allotted money from the travel request, the business office has acknowledged this unforeseen change and will allow you to use the previously allotted money at this time for the July conference’s airfare and registration costs.

Anthony Riccio – Anthony has come up with a model system and equation to assist selectors with the management of their space in the stacks.  The model assists with the movement of books to LSF and the ability for the selectors to monitor the space they have available. 

Cindy Greenspun – On Monday, March 17, Shellie Anello will begin working as the new evening supervisor for Access Services in SML.  She will attend and be introduced at the next CSG meeting.

Marybeth Bean – Marybeth was having problems with the calendar settings because a book that was recalled became due during the spring break.  Ping does the calendars now and will check it out for her.

Lisa Thomas – There is a new staff member in Access Services, Brian Kiss.

New Business:

Withdrawal Stamps – Cindy Greenspun

Withdrawal stamps are now available.  Each department is allowed one stamp and it must be kept in a secure area.  The stamps must be signed out by someone who is authorized to receive one.  Please contact Chris Killheffer to receive a stamp.

Website – Marybeth Bean

Marybeth suggested that the group take a good look at the current website and possibly form a group of CSG members that will tackle some of the issues as a summer project.  The issues seem to be the location of some items regarding privileges information that should be readily available to the public.  Lisa Thomas said that she was planning on looking over the website and reviewing options for improving discovery of access services information using technology currently available.  Patrick Butler said that he would help work with Lisa on this project.

Discussion of reports – Marybeth Bean

Marybeth suggested coming up with a process for requesting reports from ILTS.  The idea is meant to assist Ping with his time management by having a collaborative effort from CSG on the design, needs, and priority of reports requested.  Lisa concurred that CSG should really be the starting point for the requesting of reports, so everyone may provide feedback and input and Ping will not be asked to go back to the drawing board to include something another person needs.


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