March 22, 2005

PRESENT: Nathanael Shelley (Acc. Serv.), Adiba Nabizada (FES), Pam Jordan (Drama), Beverly Lett (A&A), Richard Bean (Medical), Patrick Butler (Eng), Cindy Greenspun (Acc. Serv.), Susan Burdick (Div), Lisa Thomas (Acc. Serv.), Judy Parker (Acc. Serv.), Lawrence Martins (Mudd), Marybeth Bean (KSL), Stephan Jones (Beinecke), Susan Crockford-Peters (Acc. Serv.), Christopher Killheffer (Acc. Serv.), Amanda Patrick (Acc. Serv.)

SML Circulation Support Group Circulation Support Group



Voyager Calendar - Chris Killheffer (Access Services)
The Voyager Calendar is the data file used by the system to regulate the circulation period of borrowed material charged out from the library.

  • Chris has prepared a spreadsheet - asks that we review it and suggest modifications where necessary
  • Note that "Closed" means the system will not make any books due during that period - it does not necessarily mean we are actually closed.

Claims Returned - Chris Killheffer (Access Services)
Chris outlined the procedures for Claims Returned and provided simplified documentation to assist those responsible for Claims Returned at other libraries.

  • We do 10-15 per week in SML
  • The documentation he prepared is a simplified version of earlier, 18 page document. The earlier document contains more robust instructions and can be made available to interested persons
  • There are efforts to eventually make these procedures entirely web-based by using a webform.
    • The paper forms will continue to be used when this is accomplished
  • Chris acknowledges that there are delays with the searching in different libraries
    • This is especially true at LSF
    • Previous procedures did not specify an LSF liaison for searching requests. The new procedures do so:
      • The LSF contact person is he has agreed to respond to all requests within 48 hours. (This was conclusively decided post-meeting)

Unreturned Book Project - Chris Killheffer (Access Services)

  • This has been deferred until our next meeting

"Has-List" Software - Cindy (Access Services and Integrated Library Tech. Services)
Cindy has nearly completed work on the new "Has-list" software: A web-based program that will allow staff to search and view patron "has-lists" in more convenient, more useful ways.

  • The software allows you produce lists by:
    • Barcode, Institution ID, Net ID, Frontlog Dates, or you may produce a single list from multiple patrons' lists.
    • These lists are printable and savable
  • (Cindy's "other project", the Voyager Circulation Project, should be ready for release 3/29 - more information to follow when it's released)

Report: Ivies Plus Symposium - Various attendees

  • Marybeth Bean (KSL) discussed some of the major themes of the conference and the general responses to these ideas
    • The idea of "seamless service" had mixed reactions
        • Some people want to "Bring 'em in" to the library
        • Others believe a "Get it" button is the idea format for library service
    • Reports from the breakout sessions and possibly the keynote speaker will be posted (TBA)
  • Susan Burdick (DIV) elaborated the discussion of the "Get It" button and talked about the "Assessment" panelists and some of the breakout sessions
        • Mentioned the 3 models of assessment responsibility:
      • Outside analyses
      • Supervisory (Penn)
      • Staff-level (Yale)
    • Major issues from the breakout session regarding "combined service points"
      • Reference's role at a circulation desk
      • Noise (chatter)
  • Lisa Thomas (AccServ) continued the discussion of the combined service points.
    • Noted: "The thing to remember is that the Acc. Serv. staff are the specialists on circulation issues."
  • Nathanael Shelley (AccServ) reported on the breakout session discussing assessment.
    • Noted: there are essentially 3 types of assessment performed by library assessors
      • Volume Tracking
      • Resource Management
      • Perceptions (Patron opinion, satisfaction, needs etc.)
  • Susan Crockford-Peters (AccServ) discussed her experiences as a panelist and the "What to do with NOS's" breakout session.
    • People seemed very interested in and excited about Yale's "Accuracy Checking" system and the success of the Eli Express system.
    • Noted that other schools withdraw much faster than Yale's: In only 6 months.
    • Noted that all participating Borrow Direct libraries feel that Borrow Direct (Consortium Borrowing Systems) has been a godsend and the libraries that do not have this are missing out
  • Yale will be hosting this conference next year.
    • Please help by volunteering your time and skills to the setup of this event - it is a very large task and will require many contributing hands.
    • A core group of coordinators will have to be assembled
      • A theme will need to be developed

Selection of a new Chairperson - Susan Crockford-Peters and Judy Parker (AccServ)

After five years Judy has concluded her service as the chairperson of the Circulation Support Group. A discussion of how to select a new chairperson was held and Richard Bean (Medical) has agreed to act as chair for two years, after which Susan Burdick (Divinity) will then serve for two years.

The next CSG meeting will be held 4/12/05, in the second week of April.

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