April 08, 2003 Meeting:
Tuesday 2pm - 3:30pm

Judy Parker (Chair), John Gallagher (Minutes), Marybeth Bean,
Sue Crockford-Peters, Cindy Greenspun, Carol Jones, Chris Killheffer, Bev Lett, Jeanette Murdock, Amanda Patrick, Dana Peterman, Anthony Riccio, Shawn Steidinger, Lisa Thomas.
Called to order 2:10pm.

SML Circulation Support Group Circulation Support Group Announcements:

1. Minutes - Judy announced that we would resume taking minutes for Circulation Support Group (CSG) meetings. John volunteered to take minutes for the meeting and proposed that the person responsible for taking minutes at the next meeting be included in the minutes of each meeting. Sue proposed that the minute taking responsibility rotate alphabetically; this proposal has been adopted by the group. Carol Jones will record the minutes for the next meeting.

2. Library Shelving Facility (LSF) Training - Judy reported that Audrey Ho is prepared to commence classes for LSF discharging procedures. Judy reminded the group that staff members who handle materials that is routed back to the LSF need to attend one of these sessions that Audrey will be presenting in the Lecture Hall.

3. Projects, Analysis, & Database Group (PAD) - Shawn announced that due to reorganization within the System's Office the Projects, Analysis, & Database Group (PAD) is now the group formerly known as Database Administration Group (DBA). (See reorganization information and chart)

1. Art Library Voyager connectivity problem - Judy reported that on Sunday, April 6, staff at the Arts Library were unable to log on to Voyager due to an IP Address sharing issue that is currently being investigated by the Data Network Office. It was necessary for staff there to utilize the Offline capacity of the Circ module. Bev reported that the Offline charges were successfully uploaded when the system became functional on Monday morning. After some discussion it was agreed that it would be prudent to review procedures for using Offline Circ should the need arise unexpectedly again. Sue asked that Rick Bean, who drafted the procedures for Offline Circulation use during Implementation Week discuss these procedures at a future CSG meeting. Sue recognized the staff at the Arts Library for working successfully through this challenge.

2. Instructions for unreturned books and the billing process - Amanda and Chris reported to the group on the progress being made with regard to this issue (See addendum). Chris reported that it was expected that letters would be sent on Thursday, April 10 to those patrons who were associated with unreturned materials on the first file we were asked to search last month. That file consisted of approximately 130 unreturned items that patrons with active bursar accounts had charged out. After Circ staff searched this file 57 items remained lost. Letters will be sent to the patrons responsible for these items, inquiring about the whereabouts of each item. Reminder: Payment of the $75 book replacement fee does not authorize a patron to keep library material should it be found. Patrons are refunded the book replacement fee should a "lost" item be returned the library.
The next file that will be searched is a much larger file and consists of 2,983 unreturned items that were charged to patrons who do not have bursar accounts. Circ staff will be asked to search for these items and to discharge any items that are found. A discussion about the searching report ensued. Generally the group agreed that in addition to the call number and barcode, the item's title should also be on the report. Shawn discussed the challenges of doing this and said that she will look in to seeing if this could be done.
Chris and Amanda will review all records to verify that it is appropriate to send the letter to the patrons identified as having last charged out the material.

3. Annual Reports and Circulation statistics - Shawn invited group members to provide input about what statistics they felt were necessary for Annual Report preparations. Some suggestions included:
· Circulation transactions by department - charges, discharges, etc.
· Eli Express statistics by Circ Happ Loc - including filled/not filled
· Status related statistics - Amount of items assigned Missing, Claims Returned, etc. statuses.
· Reserve statistics
The group also agreed that it would be useful to be able to provide Shawn with a list of all the statistical information we need to provide to association reports, such as Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), North Atlantic Health Science Libraries (NAHSL), etc. An ad hoc group will convene to collect this information from all libraries. Additionally, this group will agree upon the statistics that will be useful for library management and operations purposes. Marybeth agreed to chair and convene this ad hoc committee. It was noted that some departmental libraries need this statistical information as soon as July 15th each year in order to be able to prepare reports due in early August.

4. Call Slip Daemon processing review - Judy reported to the group that it had been noticed that requests for items that were not found, or were not eligible to be sent through Eli Express, were not being processed as quickly as they should. She observed that some requests would remain on the Call Slip Daemon for a day or more if people were unsure what the problem was or who was handling the problem. Because the process is complex and requires follow through, she suggested that group members consider assigning the responsibility of managing the Call Slip Daemon to one or two individuals in order to ensure that requests were processed in a timely and complete manner. Shawn noted that processing a Call Slip request as "Missing" or "Not Found" in the Call Slip Daemon does not set a Missing status on the item record in the Circulation module.

5. Other Agenda Items not discussed:
a. Call Slip Patch
b. Pseudo-patron project and email notices for these patrons - To whom are they sent?

Meeting adjourned: 3:40pm



Unreturned books project

During the next couple of weeks, we will be in a position to start sending out lists of unreturned books to library departments. We need to ascertain whether or not these books are on the shelf.

When you receive the list, please:

- Search for the books.
- If they are found, discharge them.
- Let me know (Amanda.Patrick@yale.edu) if the books have been found on the shelf (FOS) or not (NOS). There will be a column added in the attached file for you to fill in the NOS/FOS information - then you can simply send it back to me.

Once the information is returned, we will then check Voyager to make sure that these books are in fact checked out. If not, and they have not been found on the shelf, we will mark them missing.

Current Project Summary:

We are working with essentially 3 files:

- Small bursar file (pre 2002 charges for unreturned books for patrons with active bursar accounts - all these charges were temporarily zeroed out before the first Voyager bursar transfer in Nov 02) - consisting of 57 items.

- Large non-bursar file (Pre Voyager charges for unreturned books from patrons without active bursar accounts - these charges were not zeroed out) - consisting of 2,983 items (plus 155 pseudo patrons items)

- Jan 02-Jan 03 file (Books that are currently overdue with due dates falling between Jan 02-Jan 03) - consisting of 2,253 items (plus 1,982 pseudo patron items)

Approximate %s of patron groups:

- Small bursar file - Faculty-76% Staff-14% Graduates-4% Undergraduates-4%
- Large non-bursar file - Faculty-26% Graduates-19.3% Affiliates-18% Undergraduates-8.4% Staff -7.4% Pseudo Patrons-4.8% Miscellaneous-15.8%
- Jan 02-Jan 03 file - Patron group not shown on this file.

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