Apr. 8, 2008

SML Circulation Support Group Circulation Support Group


Minutes of the Circulation Support Group

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

PRESENT:  Patrick Butler (Chair), Pam Jordan (Recording), Shellie Anello, Marybeth Bean, Lauren Brown, Susan Burdick, Ping Fu, John Gallagher, Christopher Kilheffer, Kathy Mansi, Larry Martins, Adiba Nabiz, Ken Raining, Lisa Thomas.


Minutes for Next Meeting

Marybeth volunteered to take next month’s minutes with Susan as back-up.


New members to CSG were introduced:  Shellie Anello of Access Services, Adiba Nabiz of Forestry & Environmental Sciences Library and Kathy Mansi from the Music Library.
Lisa Thomas announced that this would be her last CSG meeting as she will be starting a new job.
Marybeth commented on the difficulty of accessing the Kline Library during the construction projects on Science Hill.
Susan announced that the Disabilities Forum may have to be postponed.
Ping announced that ILTS would have a lunch with Suzanna Lengyel to celebrate her birthday.  Christopher reported that the May 31st expiration date has been imposed for all graduating seniors.  In order to extend their privileges past that date, they should be referred to the Privileges Office.
Ken announced that the Bass DVD collection was up and running using 3day circulation.  All of these DVDs should be returned directly to Bass.  Please notify Ken or Christopher of any that are returned elsewhere.
John wanted to know about the frequency and difficulty of obtaining Law Library books by the other libraries.

Sub-Committee Membership Announcement
Patrick passed around the list of the various CSG sub-committees and their members that had been identified and asked for volunteers to add their names.  There was a proposal to add a website sub-committee.  This will be added for discussion to next month’s agenda.

Overdue items block

Christopher asked if anyone saw any reason to keep the block that prevents patrons from renewing if they have five or more items overdue.  It was decided that this should be discontinued and ILTS will make this change.  The block for one recalled item will not change.


Ken told how E-reserves are now part of the Voyager system, but they are looking into using a separate program.  Any new system would have to integrate with existing programs.  Several systems are under consideration.  Questions about E-reserves should be sent to Ken, Susan, Marybeth or John.

Renewal Statistics Report

Christopher reported that getting statistics for renewals is currently questionable, since it looks like patrons renewing online are counted twice.  ExLibris is aware that this is a bug and is looking into it.

Marybeth wants procedures established for getting statistics that will ensure consistency from year to year for purposes of comparison.  The Statistics Sub-Committee was asked to organize a presentation for the May meeting.  Christopher will send out an email to all libraries asking what statistics each unit needs.

Access Services Assessment Task Force

John announced that the speakers have arrived at Medical for those libraries who requested them.  He hopes to have them distributed via the shipping room.  The speakers will enable a different sound cue to ensure that books are properly discharged.  The pilot program reduced discharge errors from 1% to .35%.  Ernie Marinko will push out the necessary macro from ILTS (except for Medical and FE&S who have to make different arrangements).  This time all units should participate from April 21 to May 19.  A random sampling of books are to be charged to pseudo-patrons and then introduced into the discharge process via circ desk, book return, etc.  Christopher or Cindy Greenspun will be sending the pseudo-patrons and more detailed instructions.


Lisa demonstrated the social bookmarking site called Del.icio.us.  This enables a user to access their bookmarks on any computer, categorize them with tags, add notes and share them with others.  She and Patrick put together a set of Yale bookmarks that deal with access to the library.  This could help patrons find needed information and forms more easily. Email Patrick or Lisa with questions or suggestions.


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