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Wednesday, 9 May 2007
2:00 P.M.

Present:  Patrick Butler, Beatrice Luh, Ken Raining, Susan Burdick, Ping Fu, Pam Jordan, Judy Parker, Marybeth Bean, Este Pope, Chris Killheffer, Carol Jones, Victoria Gardner (minute taker).


  • Ping Fu was introduced as a new Systems librarian
  • CSG members introduced themselves
  • Cindy Greenspun is back at work in the mornings (M-F 8:30-1:30)
  • Rick Bean is in Mississippi

Revised Collection Analysis Tool—Este Pope
            The collection analysis tool has been revised.  The old one and the new one can both be accessed from the Library Staff Front Door -> Orbis Reports and Tools.
            The display options were improved after a survey of library of users.
            It is different than the old tool.  The project is done, but systems wants a new phase to revisit it, especially because Version 2, Revision 1 is LC class only.  There are no plans to take down the original tool.
            Este showed the new graphical display of four boxes=4 levels of granularity.
                        1.  select locations (shows Voyager locations)
                        2.  select class(es)
                        3.  select subclasses
                        4.  select ranges
            Each box has an output button or you can choose “select” to go to the next box and restrict your search even more.  At the end of the search, choose output type.  (One can get bibs, holdings, and items for the chosen location or the chosen location and also for locations with related holdings/items).
            The report will be sent to your E-mail from prodsys@mailman.yale.edu as a link with the subject “Your Collection Analysis Report”.  Click on the link to see your file.  The file is named netid_date_time (down to the second)_CA.txt.
            Once you open the file, import it into Excel or Access.  Use the pipe | delimiter.  Also, choose 65001: Unicode UTF-8.  There are instructions in the “User’s Guide”. 
            A glossary will be added for field labels.
            Systems would like to have feedback on the new tool—how can it be used, what’s missing?  Let them know.

Tutorials—Marybeth Bean
            Marybeth demonstrated the science libraries’ staff help page and the tutorials that she has made for them in Camatasia  We watched a Proxy tutorial.  All were duly awed and interested in using them/making them for their own training.

Access to Libraries—Larry Martins (in absentia), Marybeth Bean
            Concerns were expressed that the departmental libraries were being overlooked in the security review. 
            Security concerns have been heightened because with the computers at SML being locked down, more “street people” have been using computers in the departmental libraries, yet the departmental libraries are not part of the library security system because they are tenants in buildings with their own security systems.
            The departmental libraries are concerned about personal security as well as security of the collections and buildings.

Last minute announcements:

  • Borrow Direct overdue and courtesy notices haven’t worked since Jan.
  • Course Reserve deactivation is next Monday, exception report will come out on Tuesday.
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