Tuesday, 13 May 2003

PRESENT: Judy Parker (Chair), Pam Jordan (Recording), Marybeth Bean, Rick Bean, Susan Burdick, Sue Crockford-Peters, Matthew Glickman, Cindy Greenspun, Carla Heister, Bev Lett, Shashi Luthra, Duane Mellor, Amanda Patrick, Dana Peterman, Shawn Steidinger, Lisa Thomas

ABSENT: Martha Clark, Ken Crilly, Suzanne Eggleston, John Gallagher, Carol Jones, Diane Kaplan, Chris Killheffer, Robert Kinney, Beatrice Luh, Larry Martins, Jeanette Murdock, Lorine Murphy, Danuta Nitecki, Anthony Riccio

SML Circulation Support Group Circulation Support Group


Voyager Endusers Meeting

Marybeth Bean reported on the Voyager Endusers Meeting that took place in Chicago.
She provided a handout that listed highlights from the new release and summaries of several sessions that she attended. She reported that it was a very worthwhile meeting and included much sharing of ideas and problems among those attending.

Highlights of the new release include the ability to define notice intervals based on the patron/item matrix, to stop fines and notices once the "claims returned" status has been applied, to have fixed due times for overnight loans, to allow bulk activation/deactivation of reserves, to have options in pick up displays (no more asterisks), to have patron blocks displayed to patrons (with text that can be changed), to set a time out for patron records in the charge screen and to have a shortcut to the patron's e-mail from the patron record.

Shawn Steidinger noted that the new release (2001.2) will go into production here in July and that Kalee Sprague is the testing manager and will be looking for volunteer testers soon.

The session on training centered on new software that is used to capture screen shots and workflow in streaming video. These training videos can be available on each workstation for training students and reviewing seldom used procedures. Snag-it and Camtasia are the software that is used and they are from Techsmith.com. Kline will be exploring using this software and Marybeth will report back on it.

The session on ini files explained that in order to see full dates in the right hand column of a patron has-list a different configuration with no dividing space must be used. These configurations were promised to be forthcoming.

The session on inventory will be repeated by Rick Palladino at the June 4 New England Endusers Meeting.

Future improvements to Voyager may include text messaging library services. This was reported at the meeting to be already taking place in Finland that is the home of Nokia and where most people have cell phones. It would be problematic to implement this here because of the multitude of different cell phone providers in the U.S.

All of the presentations from this meeting will be available on the web at http://support.endinfosys.com/

New Scanners

Judy Parker announced the survey about the new scanners to replace the current wand barcode readers. Only 60 of the new scanners will be purchased in the first round and priority must be given to those workstations that primarily enter new barcodes (tech services) and to those that are dedicated to discharging. Judy passed out the form to be completed and sent back to her identifying which workstations should get priority.

The IP address is necessary for identifying each workstation on this form. Sue noted that the IP Finder was recently added to most workstations and that this is where the IP address can be found. Sue also noted that workstations must be used for discharging or entering new barcodes 70% of the time in order to be given priority. Workstations where reserve work is done should be considered, especially if records for pamphlets and personal copies are being created there.

Marybeth wondered if the libraries that had been testing the new scanners would be able to keep those they already had. This was assumed to be the case.

Call Slip Patch Testing Committee

Dana Peterman reported on the testing of the Call Slip Patch that he, Jeanette Murdock and Matthew Glickman had done. He provided a handout of specific examples where sometimes it worked as expected and other times it did not. Shawn noted that she needed more information about the presence/absence of item records and barcodes and the exact status of each item to determine why it seemed not to be working as expected.

Further testing will be done even though the patch will not be put into production next week as originally scheduled. This will not now happen because the patch will not work in the new release. The handout for using your library account and placing requests that Cindy Greenspun had prepared was distributed, but not discussed because the patch will not be implemented at this time. The handout will need to be revised before the new release of OPAC software changes the steps readers need to follow to Place Requests.

Course Reserve Deactivation

Lisa Thomas passed out the instructions for deactivating the course reserves for the spring semester. It was noted that the circulation statistics must be captured before items are taken off reserve. This was not done for the fall semester. Shawn decided that this would have to be a batch report and left the meeting to get started on this before the reserves get deactivated.

NOTE: After working with the report Shawn was relieved to report the following week that the reserve circulation statistics which were feared lost from Summer and Fall '02 are still present. Deactivation of the reserve does not zero them out for reporting purposes.

CSG Website

Lisa then demonstrated the new CSG website: http://www.library.yale.edu/csg that Bonnie Turner had set up. The group's appreciation of Bonnie's contribution was noted.

There was discussion about having pictures of the members' libraries substituted for the current floral logo.

There are currently four sections to the website: Members, Meetings, Working Groups, and Documents. Lisa asked to be notified if anyone needs their listing on the Members section to be corrected or has any other suggestions or corrections. The minutes from the CSG meetings are posted in the Meetings section. The two current working groups (Call Slip Patch Test Group and the Statistics Group) are listed under Working Groups. And Documents includes documentation about course reserves, claims returned and the drafts of two forms (Problem Report and Selector Referral). It was noted that the Problem Report was not the current draft and should be changed. There are also links to the Circulation Memo on Offline Circulation and the Orbis 2 Implementation website.

Since Chris Killheffer was not at the meeting discussion of Claims Returned was deferred until the next meeting.

It was noted that documentation specific to individual libraries might eventually be included on this website.

Billing for ILL/Borrow Direct

Judy announced that discussion of this item would be deferred since Carol Jones was not in attendance, but that work was being done to make this possible.

Enum/Chron Procedure

Discussion of this was also deferred.


Marybeth reported that the Statistics Group (Marybeth, Jeanette, Judy, Dana, Shawn and John Gallagher) had started their work of preparing to gather statistics for fiscal year 03. She announced that the format may be different from previous years. She asked anyone who had suggestions about the statistics to contact her. It was decided that a paragraph about the statistics should be added to the CSG website. Sue asked if there was much discussion of statistics at the endusers meeting.

Unreturned Books Project

Amanda Patrick reported on the progress that had been made on this project and provided a handout. She asked that all libraries that had not returned their lists from the non bursar file do so by the end of the week. If they could not complete the searching, she could provide a smaller list by patron name of the letters A-C. And that at least that much had to be finished by Friday. She could also provide students to help in the searching if necessary.

Marybeth was concerned about the number of items that had been found on the shelves but when discharged only showed as browses. Sue said that this was because the lists had been prepared from the financial records and indicated the problems that had existed in the past in the crediting procedures.

Several members noted that this was a very busy time of the year because of all the returned books that needing to be discharged and reshelved. Sue asked if anyone had taken advantage of the shipping room's offer to provide additional blue bins and several members said they had and that this had worked well.

Topics Deferred until Next Meeting

Billing for ILL/Borrow Direct
Enum/Chron Procedure
Claims Returned
LSF-I and other "in-building" item types

The meeting was adjourned at 3:30pm.

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