May 13 , 2008

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Minutes of the Circulation Support Group

Minutes of meeting 13 May 2008

Attending:  Susan Burdick DIV, Karin Medin DOC DEL, Marybeth Bean KLINE, Adiba Nabiz F&ES, Pam Jordan DRA, Larry Martins MUDD, Carol Jones DOC DEL, Moira Fitzgerald BRBL, Anthony Riccio SML, Ping Fu ILTS, Beatrice Luh E&PH, Christopher Killheffer SML, Kathy Mansi MUS, Lauren Brown SML, Shellie Anello SML, Lorine Murphy SSLIS


New staff introduced:  Karin Medin, Assistant Document Delivery Librarian, and Moira Fitzgerald, Assistant Head, Access Services, BRBL


  • Ping is offering a presentation on June 4, from 4-5pm in room 409 SML for interested staff.  He will discuss common problems that are encountered in circulation and ways to respond or address them.
  • Danuta believes extending hours to 24 for last two days of reading period at Bass was successful.  This has been long sought by students.  Danuta agreed with YCC (Yale College Council) to make this trial.  Highest number of people in library was 175 at the usual closing time.  Received unsolicited thanks from students.  Will look at possibility of doing again for reading periods; she will be talking with the Graduate School regarding this type of offering for grad students.

A lengthy discussion took place regarding the configuration of the position or positions that would replace that vacated by Sue C-P. 

  • Danuta described the current duties of the position as being of two kinds, those that were operational, focusing on managing the SML and Bass departments, and those that were representative, leading the library wide program.  Operational ones include but not limited to managing the largest circ unit, with most transactions, about 40 staff members, and including 8 or 9 supervisors; customer service for two libraries; the Privileges Office which is gateway to access to the collections; largest reserves activity among all libraries; billing for replacement processes.  Representative ones include but not limited to being point person/leader for the Library’s Access Services program, support for an organized view of access services, spokesperson for access services.  Asked for reactions, thoughts about the organization for these responsibilities.
  • Several people suggested that there be a librarian with expertise and national stature, to give personal clout to the program.  Idea voiced that power can also come from the individual in position, not just credentials.  A suggestion was discussed that posited that perhaps this was describing two positions.  Concern expressed about how a two person position would report; how would someone advocate for Access Services?  If two positions, would need to develop both before posting one since they would be working so closely together. 
  • Many suggestions were made for what type of person would be needed to fill the position.  Tech savvy, with management experience including change management, the ability to deal with statistics, finance as well.  How would school and department libraries fit in to this configuration?  Can school and departmental independence be preserved? 

Danuta thanked the group for its input and noted that she hoped to finish review and begin recruitment early this summer.

Ping reviewed his document, a checklist for what circ staff can do to investigate a problem before reporting to PST.  It was suggested that it be put up on the CSG web site so that staff will have it readily available, (Ping has sent it electronically to Marybeth, she has sent it to Patrick to be put up on the web).  It was pointed out that several people of the original implementation team are acting as problem solvers before sending items to Ping and PST.  They are Chris Killheffer, Susan Burdick, Marybeth Bean, John Gallagher, and Cindy Greenspun.  Send them your questions.

Chris reported that we will sometimes see item records with fields (title, call number, etc) entered in all caps.  These records are correct for the time being, since they belong to shelf ready titles on order and will be updated with an upload from Yankee Book Peddler records.  These items can be requested.  Chris will send the workflow to CSG staff.

Minutes taker for next meeting:  Lauren Brown

Respectfully submitted by Marybeth Bean

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