May 27, 2003

PRESENT: Judy Parker (Chair), Christopher Killheffer (Minutes), Marybeth Bean, Susan Burdick, Sue Crockford-Peters, Suzanne Eggleston, John Gallagher, Cindy Greenspun, Matthew Glickman, Carla Heister, Carol Jones, Pamela Jordan, Larry Martins, Jeanette Murdock, Amanda Patrick, Kalee Sprague, Lisa Thomas

ABSENT:Rick Bean, Martha Clark, Ken Crilly, Diane Kaplan, Bev Lett, Beatrice Luh, Shashi Luthra, Duane Mellor, Lorine Murphy, Dana Peterman

SML Circulation Support Group Circulation Support Group


1. New England Voyager User's Group - Kalee announced that the registration for Yale people to the NEVUG conference was closed, but that if anyone who was not registered wants to go they should contact Shawn. She also asked that anyone interested in volunteering at the conference also contact Shawn.


1. Unreturned Book Project - Amanda announced that two more searching lists would soon be sent out, one comprising items due between February and March, 2003, the other being the second half of the Non-bursar file. She thanked everyone for completing their searches for the Jan-Jan file and the first half of the Non-bursar file and announced that so far about one-third of the patrons she has contacted have responded by returning the books.

2. New release of Voyager - Kalee announced that testing for all modules of the new release would begin on June 1. Installation testing would take place in early July, with the installation itself scheduled to begin around 5 pm on the 25th (a Friday) and to conclude the following day at some point. Kalee said that some circ people would need to come in on Saturday the 26th, and that reader services would be affected since no circulation module would be available that day.
She then briefly reviewed some of the changes in the new release that were most relevant to Circulation:

· Automated Course Reserves Activation/Deactivation
· Status Patron Groups
· More control over pick-up location display in OPAC
· Display of patron block reasons in OPAC
· Masking SSN in Circ client
· 60-second patron record time-out
· E-mail short-cuts
· Streamlined addition of Course Reserve items
· Capacity to override maximum loan limit

More features will be implemented in August 2003:

· Increased granularity for security profiles
· Improved Claims returned status
· Option to set standard due time for overnight reserves

Kalee explained that testers would need to install the test version, even if they had already done so in December. She would send out an e-mail with a link to the testing website, where installation instructions can be found.

3. Billing for Borrow Direct and ILL -- Carol explained that Yale patrons have not been being charged fines/fees for overdue Borrow Direct materials loaned from other universities. She asked the group to consider how fines/fees could be charged for such items, since they do not have item records in Voyager. Does Voyager have the capacity to create a fine/fee for something without an item record or barcode? The answer she received was Yes - the Miscellaneous charge. Some discussion followed regarding the number of unreturned BD and ILL items, the amount of staff time involved in manual billing, and the possibility of creating items for BD loans in Voyager. There were many questions regarding how the BD system interacts with Voyager, and Marybeth suggested that a flow chart that clearly showed the whole process might be helpful. There was some initial discussion of the problem of Yale books being loaned through BD or ILL and not being returned: how could we bill patrons or institutions for these?

4. Law Library update -- Judy handed out a memo from Martha Clark announcing that the Law Library was open for business, performing all regular circulation functions. Only Eli Express delivery was somewhat hindered because the elevator was still not operating, but the memo indicated that full operation would be restored by Thursday or Friday.

Other agenda topics not discussed:

· Call slip patch report
· Claims returned procedures
· Timing of patron load
· Enum Chron

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