June 10, 2003

PRESENT: Shashi Luthra (recorder), Susan Burdick, Ken Crilly, John Gallagher,
Cindy Greenspun, Sue Crockford-Peters, Matthew Glickman, Christopher Killheffer,
Larry Martins, Jeanette Murdock, Amanda Patrick, Shawn Steidinger

ABSENT:Marybeth Bean, Rick Bean, Martha Clark, Carol Jones, Pam Jordan, Diane Kaplan, Robert Kinney, Carla Heister, Duane Mellor, Lorine Murphy, Judy Parker, Dana Peterman, Anthony Riccio

SML Circulation Support Group Circulation Support Group


Sue announced that Amanda Patrick has been appointed to the vacant position of Access Services Coordinator effective August 1st. She will be permanent, but until the unreturned book project is completed, she will be doing the project, half of the time and the other half of her time she will be working at SML. Amanda's phone number now and while she is still half time with the project is 2-1875 (shared with Chris Killheffer).
When she is in SML, her new phone number there will be 2-1854. Judy and Cindy are now sharing the office space upstairs adjacent to the Privileges Office. Cindy's new phone number is 6-4672.

Marybeth Bean was in the hospital having surgery. Susan, John and Jeanette sent her flowers on behalf of CSG.

Shawn Steidinger spoke about the New England Voyager Users Group Conference held at Yale on June 4, 2003. She said it went very well. One hundred fifty four people attended. Shawn received many favorable comments about the content of the presentations. What people liked most about the conference was that they enjoyed being at Yale. Many people took advantage of touring Sterling and Beinecke at the end of the day. Shawn thanked all of the volunteers. The group gave Shawn a round of applause for all of the fine organizational work she had done to prepare for the Conference.

Update on the Unreturned Book Project:

Amanda Patrick provided a handout with current statistics on the unreturned book project. The "Small file" is almost completed. Out of 55 books, 28 were returned, 15 are acknowledged lost and paid for and 4 are being processed as claims retuned.

Jan.02-Jan.03 file: of the 2,108 unreturned books on the list, letters/emails have been so for been sent to 1,292 patrons. 505 books have been physically returned, 225 books are pending return (patron has communicated they have the books and plans to bring them in), 18 are lost and all replacement fees have been paid, 45 are being processed as claims returned and 499 have no response yet. Amanda is preparing to create and send out 2nd notice to non-responsive patrons. Some patron's e-mail addresses had expired, so letters to those people were re-sent by snail mail.

Bursar Transfer:

Sue reminded every one to check the final search report daily.

Claims returned procedures:

Chris sent revised procedures to all departments. It seems to be working well.

Lost and Paid Procedures:

Chris distributed the draft of lost and paid procedures.

New Release:

Shawn talked about enhancing the item status report after the new release. She is also working on a new "Missing In Transit Report," which she knows is much needed. Basic circulation function testing should be finished by June 20th. The new release 2001.2 is scheduled to go live on July 25th.

Sue announced the changes we will see in OPAC messages for pseudo patrons. She reminded everyone that the Voyager system did not have the ability which was in Notis to display instructions to readers about what to do to obtain materials charged to pseudo-patrons. Our contract with Voyager called for creating a similar capability and the release we will install in July will introduce it. Some of the patron groups which might use this feature include BILLED, BINDCO, BINDIN, CARRDIV, etc. Sue is working with PIC (Public Interfaces Committee) to develop the language for the messages. For example, for materials charged to a bindery patron or to a cataloging team, the message recommended for the status field is: In Process: Click Place Requests above, choose recall option.

One of the features of the new OPAC message capability is to display information such as when items are due back from the bindery. If departmental libraries would like to choose their own messages to display for their, binding patrons or other processing situations (e.g. Checked out. Due 6/10/2003. ), contact Sue.

Call slip patch report:

Jeanette distributed handouts of test results of the Voyager 2001.2 OPAC with the call slip patch working. The test group for the patch is Dana Peterman, Jeanette Murdock & Matt Glickman.

Enum and Chron fields in item records:

Discussion of this was deferred.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:45pm.

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