10 July 2007

SML Circulation Support Group Circulation Support Group


10 July 2007

Attending: Susan Burdick, Marybeth Bean, Larry Martins, Judy Parker, Pam Jordan, Victoria Leigh Gardner, Christopher Killheffer, Cindy Greenspun, Patrick Butler, Ping Fu, Ken Raining, Carla Heister (recording)

1- Chris - There is a problem with graduating undergraduates who incur fines after graduation. The fines are not transferring to the Bursar. Chris Killheffer is looking into this problem.

2- Marybeth, Susan, Patrick - Northeast Exlibris User’s Group Conference will be held here at Yale, at the Divinity Library, on July 20th. Everyone should attend.

3. Ken – Electronic Reserves will be continuing this fall with a soft rollout. If you know any faculty who have expressed an interest in electronic reserves, refer them to Ken Raining.

Annual Circulation Statistics Demo (one very nice handout)
            Cindy showed the Annual Circulation Reports that CSG’ers can access from within the Staff Front Door / Orbis Reports and Tools / Circulation Reports / PRIV.
There are some mighty interesting results in the Annual Circ Transactions by Item Location. Everyone should take a look. It was suggested (by Marybeth) that CSG should, as a whole, look at these statistics and use them for some type of evaluation/assessment. Marybeth, Cindy, Victoria, Susan, and Larry are now a sub-committee of CSG that will review circulation statistics and come back to the group with recommendations.

Refund posting type in Voyager fines and fees
            Chris showed all how a note can be put in the patron record indicating the type of refund (credit refund or check), the amount of refund, and where to find the check request in Quick Forms to request the refund—all to help us keep track of refunds to patrons when they pay before charges transfer to the Bursar.

Hold expirations (two information-packed handouts)
            Chris led a rousing discussion on standardizing the length of holds—once it was discovered that there are three different time periods for holds, 10, 12, and 14 days. SML Hold shelf cycles through about 800 items per day. Decreasing the hold period will help with some of the overcrowding. After much discussion the compromise of a standard 10 day hold was agreed upon. Who gets informed of this decision?
            Chris also showed Item On Hold printouts, from newly formatted Circ receipt printers with an increased font size. This is a useful option (you had to be here for the discussion to fully appreciate this). Contact Matthew Glickman for information on how to change the font size.

Access Services Assessment Task Force Report
            Chris discusses the Process Improvement Case Study chosen dealing with discharge error rates. The present rate, based on a statistically significant sample, is 1.075%. These may sound small but you consider that there are > 500,000 books discharged annually at YUL, this means that over 5,300 books are not discharged properly each year. This can mean up to 5,300 unhappy patrons. Not a good public relations point. The committee is now investigating the whys of the problem and the ways to reduce the problem.

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