July 11, 2006

SML Circulation Support Group Circulation Support Group


Attending: Richard Bean (chair), Larry Martins (recording), Marybeth Bean, Lorine Murphy, Cindy Greenspun, Sue Crockford-Peters, Dana Peterman, Susan Burdick, Carol Jones, Beatrice Luh, Pamela Jordan, Melissa Wisner, Victoria Gardner, Mary Ellen Sellito, Carla Heister

Upcoming Conferences - NEVUG (New England Voyager Users Group) on Monday, July 24, 2006 at Assumption College, Worcester, MA. The registration fee is $20.00.

New Business:

Missing in Transit (MIT) - Mary Ellen Sellito

Mary Ellen Sellito of Access Services discussed the MIT reports she has sent to members of the Circulation Support Group. These reports display all books that have a status of "In Transit" for more than 5 days and are then considered to be "Missing in Transit". The books contained on the list should be searched to determine whether they are really missing or not. Each library has received an Excel form listing books that have been routed to their location that are now MIT. If the books are found they should be discharged. If the books are not found they are to be marked as missing and removed from the MIT list in manner described in detail by Mary Ellen in a Word document she sent to members of the CSG. This document is also available on the CSG website -http://www.library.yale.edu/csg/MissingInTransitTrainingDocument.doc. Members of the CSG are reminded that this is just a draft and suggestions from the group for refining this process are welcome. Since MIT books are not available for patrons to request through the OPAC it is very important that this be done.

Part of the process for books from this list that are not found entails the use of pseudo-patrons. Mary Ellen had these pseudo-patron accounts created for each library for this purpose. Packets of pseudo-patron cards were handed out to each member of the CSG by Mary Ellen. Using pseudo-patrons, Access Services hopes to identify and address patterns of book loss.
If members of the group have any theories about how so many books are becoming MIT they are to send an e-mail to Mary Ellen with copies to Cindy Greenspun and Sue Crockford-Peters.

Statistics - Susan Burdick

There was a discussion of the annual circulation statistics. These have not been run yet. Course reserves need to all be deactivated before the reserve statistics can be run. Please contact Melissa Wisner and let her know that your deactivations are done so she can run the reserve statistics report.

ID Card Pilot Project- Cindy Greenspun

While CCL is closed for renovation, SML anticipates a deficit in seating capacity. Therefore, starting this fall, only individuals with Yale or Library issued photo identification will be admitted after 6pm. Patrons will enter SML by swiping their magnetic stripped identification cards through a reader. SML Privileges will issue new cards to visitors sometime mid-July 2006 and will contact readers who have had stack cards in the last two years to inform them of the changes. SML cards will have a similar look to those issued by the ID Center with a sticker affixed indicating the period of time for which stack access and/or privileges will be granted. This is a pilot project funded by the Yale campus, which may be expanded to include other Yale libraries.

Testing Information for Release 6.1

Due to time constraints this discussion was deferred to till the next meeting of the CSG, Tuesday, August 8, 2006.

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