August 12, 2008

SML Circulation Support Group Circulation Support Group



Attending: Patrick Butler (chair), Susan Burdick (recording), Adiba Nabizata, Marybeth Bean, Rick Bean, Lauren Brown, Moira Fitzgerald, Ping Fu, Chris Killheffer, Beatrice Luh, Kathy Mansi, David McClaslin, Karin Medin, Lorine Murphy


Marybeth Bean of Kline reminded people that there is still construction in her area.  There are safety concerns and restricted parking for those visiting Kline. After 4:30 PM any persons wishing to enter the library will need to go to the side door or the back door (facing Prospect).

Ping Fu informed the group that he will present a review of Orbis reports in three sessions: General reports, Circulation Reports, and Acquisitions reports.

Karin Medin, Document Delivery at SML, asked if anyone knew of a way to forward all phone calls directly to voice mail without any ringing on the phone.  No one knew how to do that.  Christopher suggested a phone call to Telecom.  Karin also reported that the ILL position LSA III Lending has not been filled.

David McClasin, Social Science Library, reported that he has introduced Electronic Reserves to several departments in his area.

Patrick Butler, Engineering Library reported on the change from Serial Solutions to Marc-it and warned that this change may affect some e-reserve/interlibrary loan activity.   A question followed about the e-reserve sub committee of CSG as to when it meets and who is on it.  Christopher answered that the sub-committee met as part of the E-reserve pilot with a larger group of DPIP (Digital Production & Integration Program).  The Reserve committee will begin to meet again when Craig Kirkland becomes familiar with the reserve procedures/policy/workflow.

An email announcement from Pam Jordan: Drama is officially closed at 222 York Street.  All of Drama's books were moved into the new building last week before the postponement.   A&A is still open at 270 Crown Street.  And the official move-in date for the Arts Library new building is still unknown.

Agenda items

Christopher Killheffer, SML Access Services, announced that James Craig Kirkland has accepted the Bass Supervisor position.  This position is responsible for reserves, e-reserves, supervising Bass staff, and the daily activities of Bass Library.   He will start in this position August 18, 2008. 

Christopher also announced Shellie Anello will now be responsibile for the LSF project. 

Patrick Butler, Engineering Library, announced that the current co-chair and next Chair of the Circulation Support Group will be Cindy Greenspun.  There is not a date yet for the changing of the chairs.

Patrick also read a message from Danuta Nitecki, AUL Public Services to CSG:

I took seriously the comments made by members of the CSG attending the meeting when I raised the topic of future directions for recruiting for the position vacated most recently by Sue Crockford-Peters.  Following that meeting and a few other discussions, I decided to split the responsibilities the position has held by its past two or three incumbents into two.  The first position has been posted and will be responsible for the management of the SML/B Libraries' Access Services Department, including approximately 40 staff and activities of the largest circulation/reserve services within the Library system.   I have not yet posted, but have begun discussions about the second position, that of a director of the library wide program of Access Services.  I am not prepared quite yet to seek additional comments on that since the initial draft has triggered a variety of interesting directions the position might take.   But I would like to assure colleagues in the CSG that my intention is to have one position--for an excellent manager to assume--to be responsible for the Sterling/Bass activities and another for leading the library wide program, including the coordination and advocacy for customer access services so loudly heard during the CSG meeting.

I'll be happy to join the group again if there is interest to continue the discussions, but for now, would welcome names of persons interested in participating in the recruitment/review process for the position opened.

 Thanks, Danuta”

 He then asked for people who would be interested in participating in the recruitment/review process for this position.  Marybeth Bean and Susan Burdick were interested.

 Kathy Mansi, Music Library addressed the issue of Music Materials having many parts.  These parts have not been recorded in the pieces field of the Orbis record and the system doesn't’t prompt for a count at discharge.  She said that there is a stamp asking to count pieces near the barcode.  She asked that circulation staff be asked to be aware and to look at the stamp message.  Discussion followed and some reported that most circ staff do not read stamped messages.  Kathy said that she will bring that information back and she will look into putting the pieces # in the record when the item is circulated.

 Lauren Brown, SML Access Services reported that a recommendation for a change in the OPAC stemming from a problem with patron record errors that she put forward to PIC, then to the Usability Group was processed.  Lauren is a member of the Usability Group.  She said that it did take a long time for the change to take place.  Discussion followed on why it took so long.  Lauren reported that the Usability group has many projects on their agenda.  What also may be a reason is that PIC ended it’s committee work.  Then the Usability Group was created.  This group reports to the Public Services Management Council.

 Lauren also announced that there will be a test of ‘YU FIND’ program which will be used in conjunction with the Orbis front page.  This will give an ‘Amazon’ look to the online catalog.

 Marybeth voiced concern about CSG and the library in general around the difficulty in getting small changes made to the OPAC that would benefit the readers and the staff and that this pointed out an area where we were not flexible and agile.  An example of this is the ‘withdrawn’ message on the last copy owned by Yale.  Discussion followed on to whom we would report/recommend changes.  We thought that the Chair of the group should be the one to do this, but we would need to have a reporting workflow…maybe an automated reporting system to the Usability group.

 Christopher announced that Bonnie Turner is retiring.  She helped maintain the CSG website.  He said that Matthew Glickman volunteered to take on the responsibility.   Matthew would also be maintaining the Bass and the SML Access Services web pages.

 Marybeth and Rick Bean reported on the Annual ExLibris meeting.  Rick mentioned that UPenn was interested in getting the discharge history program from Yale.  They feel that this will help with missing in transit books.  Marybeth reported that in version 7.0 we will be able to copy and paste a barcode.  She also reported that there will be no more boxes displayed in the OPAC around records.  It was suggested that CSG invite Melissa Wisner to come and speak to changes that will occur in version 7.0.

 Christopher announced that the Privilege Office and the Research Services and Collections will have a new ‘Information desk in the nave where the reference desk now exists.  This will help visitors/readers get the information they need in a ‘one stop shop’.   Marybeth suggested that the staff have ‘team building’ sessions.

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