August 26, 2003

Present: Larry Martins (recorder), Susan Burdick, Carol Jones, Jeanette Murdock, Judy Parker, Dana Peterman, Shawn Steidinger


SML Circulation Support Group Circulation Support Group


2:00 PM; SML 409

Issues with New Release:

Shawn asked everyone to please check and make sure that the "Time-Out" feature of the Patron Charge Window was working. If it does not work at your location please call the Systems Office Help Desk at 2-1849.

There is a new release of the Voyager Ini-file Changer. You will now see four buttons instead of two - Orbis Production and Orbis Train, and Orbis Production for Tech Services and Orbis Train for Tech Services. The main difference being that there is no "Time Out" feature for the Circ Module's charge window in the Tech Services version

Down-time After Hours

What to do if the system goes down after 5:00 -

If SML is open please call there at 2-1852 or 2-1853. They will report the problem to the Computer Room. If SML is closed then call CCL at 2-1874. If you are the only library open then you have permission to call the web and workstation services number.
An e-mail from Marybeth Bean - who could not attend this meeting - was read at this time. In it she mentioned the possibility of Circulation supervisors carrying beepers.

Getting the word out to Evening/Weekend staff - full-time and student.

Different modes of keeping in touch with staff and units during emergency situations were discussed. Phone trees and e-mail/yulib were two options. The possibility of forming a task force to devise a phone tree was discussed.


Discussed at this time were problems that occur when one library requests an item needed for reserve from another library via the Call Slip system. Susan Burdick mentioned the practice of some libraries that change temp locations of items needed for Course Reserve before they are in hand.

Batch activation of reserves was also discussed. This can be a problem for libraries that pull books and place them in a closed reserve area. Some books may not have been pulled yet and are still down in the stacks. Shawn Steidinger thought that maybe those libraries could have a different start date (the day before or after).

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