Tuesday, 31 August, 2004

PRESENT: Judy Parker (Chair), Pam Jordan (Recording), Susan Burdick, Martha Clark, Sue Crockford-Peters, Cindy Greenspun, Carol Jones, Chris Kilheffer, Beatrice Luh, Beverly Lett, Larry Martins, Dana Peterman, Anthony Riccio, Lisa Thomas

ABSENT: Marybeth Bean, Rick Bean, Ken Crilly, John Gallagher, Matthew Glickman, Carla Heister, Stephen Jones, Shashi Luthra, Kathryn Mansi, Duane Mellor, Danelle Moon, Lorine Murphy, Amanda Patrick, Nathanael Shelley

SML Circulation Support Group Circulation Support Group



Anyone with minutes from old meetings that haven't been posted to the CSG website should send them in.

Susan Burdick's mystery fine - Cindy Greenspun explained that this was a result of an incorrect due date far into the future. This can happen from inadvertently activating the backdate feature and wanding the barcode which gets accepted as a date. A report has been made of these incidents which will be sent to CSG members so that any spurious fines can be corrected. And in the future a report will be available through the Voyager circ. reports. To avoid this happening, circulation desk personnel should make sure that no text is visible next to the backdate clock unless they meant to turn on this feature.

Media Task Force recommendations - Lisa Thomas demonstrated the new case and shell in which all circulating audio-visual and software media will be stored. The shell is unlocked by a special unlocking mechanism as each item is checked out. Empty shells are kept at the circulation desk to be used when the next item gets returned. Media that accompany books will have the same loan period as their books. Stand alone media will circulate for one week (really 8 days). Loan periods still need to be changed in Voyager. Initially, these materials will circulate from SML, CCL, SSL, Divinity, and CCL Closed Reserve, but eventually these practices will be system-wide. The item types on this material have been changed to the types available: CD, dvd, etc. And using these item types will make it possible to collect statistics on the circulation of this material. In the future the unlocking device may be upgraded to one than can be bolted to the desk as the current model is very portable and liable to be misplaced or stolen.

Reserve training - Lisa Thomas reported that Shaundolyn Slaughter is available to train any staff that need to be trained in processing reserves. No one needed this training at this time. Lisa also announced that it was time to manually activate your reserve lists. Sue Crockford-Peters asked that people report any extra time needed for this manual activation.

Unlinked item record deletion - Lisa Thomas reported that 5800 unlinked item records from pre-Voyager CCL reserves had been deleted. Those that had incurred fines or had been used for a Voyager reserve list could not be deleted. These same procedure will be done for the other libraries in October or November, but the output file may be difficult to work with.

Updated financial procedures-using the credit card - Chris Kilheffer announced that credit cards were now being accepted in the Privileges Office. So far, they have only been used to purchase privileges, but they can also be used to pay fines. The documentation on these procedures is not yet ready and will be distributed at the next meeting. Non-Yale people need to submit a credit card number when purchasing privileges even if they are paying for the privileges by another method. This credit card can then be used for billing purposes for fines or replacement costs since these people won't have a bursar's account. All questions about using credit cards should be addressed to Chris via e-mail.

Changes to the Yale ID - Carol Jones reported that Borrow Direct had changed its login procedures and now uses the Central Authorization Services (CAS) to verify that patrons are bona fide Yale affiliates. CAS uses netID and password. Since Yale is no longer using the social security number as part of the patron barcode and the newer Yale IDs don't have a visually readable patron barcode, no one knew their barcode number.

ILLiad-how is it going? - Carol Jones reported on changes to the Document Delivery Services website. The most notable change is the ILLiad patron login and request form which requires first time users to fill out a registration form. Patrons must choose a username and password as part of this registration procedure. Then when they login in the future that can review the status of their requests as well as enter new requests. There is also an ILLiad FAQ page and a new e-mail account for feedback at ILLiad @yale.edu.
ILL usage has gone up elsewhere as a result of using the ILLiad software and this is expected to happen here as well.


Report on the growth investigation of workload in Access Services. Nathanael Shelley - 09/14/04

The Patch! Cindy Greenspun will report on the delay

Shaundolyn meets with CSG at the next meeting? 9/14/2004

Unreturned books project - What has been happening since the position was filled on 5/04? Chris Killheffer

Cross Training Initiative. Sue Crockford-Peters

Fall LSO developments for circulation/access/privileges/reserves ETC. Sue Crockford-Peters

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