Tuesday, 12 September, 2006

SML Circulation Support Group Circulation Support Group


PRESENT:  Rick Bean (Chair), Pam Jordan (Recording), Patrick Butler, Sue Crockford-Peters, Victoria Gardner, Cindy Greenspun, Ken Crilly, Larry Martins, Judy Parker, Dana Peterman, Ken Raining, Anthony Riccio

ABSENT:  Marybeth Bean, Lauren Brown, Susan Burdick, Martha Clark, Suzanne Eggleston, John Gallagher, Matthew Glickman, Carla Heister, Carol Jones, Stephen Jones, Chris Kilheffer, Bev Lett, Beatrice Luh, Shashi Luthra, Lorine Murphy, Cynthia Ostroff, Este Pope, Mary Ellen Sellitto, Melissa Wisner



Mudd and Social Science have officially changed their closing times to 15 minutes before the hour in order to insure that they have the libraries cleared by closing time.

Judy Parker has taken on the LSF as her major project and is currently working on facilitating the transfer of serials to the LSF.

Music has closing times earlier than the new SML closing times but access to the rest rooms in Music has been made available until the basement rest rooms reopen.

Patrick Butler sparked a discussion of what the policy was for renewing reserve books
and some of the problems caused if they were renewed.  It was agreed that although the policy was not to renew, it was up to the individual libraries whether to allow renewals
and how to deal with the consequences.

Ken Crilly will be reconvening the Course Reserves Working Group.  Part of their charge will be to deal with the “Course Reserves Needing Recall” circulation report and getting it fixed.

Call Slips

Rick Bean at Medical had a call slip disappear from the queue after it had been printed and the book retrieved.  There was apparently no record of the request anywhere in the daemon.  From other libraries’ experience, it was decided that the patron must have cancelled the request.

Dana Peterman had been contacted by Lauren Brown about “call slip failure”.  These were requests which should have generated “www place requests forms” but ended up in Lauren’s exceptions reports.  Lauren is currently working on 200-300 of these per week which stem from “non-acceptable combinations” on call-slip requests.  Sue Crockford-Peters asked Dana to continue this discussion outside of the meeting.

Victoria Gardner asked whether there was any way to automatically populate the www place request form with the information from the OPAC.  Sue Crockford-Peters explained that it was not possible because it was a pop-up screen and was not really connected to the OPAC.

There was a discussion of the reason why the www place requests form appears even when policy prohibits fulfilling the request.  This had been done as a service to the patron so that the reasons why the request was unacceptable could be communicated to the patron rather that merely the fact that the request was unacceptable.

It was also noted that sometimes it is a problem of the OPAC holdings not matching the copy numbers listed on the form that makes the request unacceptable.

Pam Jordan brought up the problem of patrons being able to place call slip requests for paging within libraries that do not offer paging service.  It was acknowledged that there was no way to prevent this other that educating the patrons on the services available.


Music inadvertently discovered that any departmental pseudo patron could retrieve an “lsfr” item type.  These items are supposed to be restricted for retrieval to monitored reading rooms.  This supposedly happened so that catalogers could retrieve material to be recataloged.  This will be changed so that only lsfr pseudo patrons can retrieve them.
And each lsfr pseudo patron will be tied to an individual staff member.


Rick Bean asked for volunteers to help with the testing of release 6 which will be implemented during semester break.  He also asked for people to suggest additions for the testing script.


The Public Services Management Council has taken over quality improvement issues from the Service Quality Improvement Council.  The two major items to be dealt with are document delivery and circulation.  Sue Crockford-Peters is to present a report for the November meeting and would welcome input especially from school and departmental libraries on issues where additional support from Library Administration is needed.


Sue Crockford-Peters asked everyone to complete the forms that John Gallagher had sent out.  The lsfi item type (return to any library for in-building use) was never properly mapped.  All permanent locations should be mapped for use with this item type otherwise the material will not receive the correct location code.  Sue demonstrated filling in this form.  Any LSF problems will show up on exception reports that Judy Parker will receive.


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