September 24,2002

Attending: Sue Crockford-Peters, Judy Parker, Christopher Killheffer, Larry Martins, Cindy Greenspun, Lisa Thomas, Bev Lett, Shashi Luthra, Jeanette Murdock, Lorine Murphy, Diane Kaplan

Absent: MaryBeth Bean, Rick Bean, Susan Burdick, Judy Carnes, Martha Clark, Ken Crilly, Suzanne Eggleston, John Gallagher, Pam Jordan, Robert Kinney, Paul Lukasiewicz, Duane Mellor, Anthony Riccio, Shawn Steidinger, Dora Johnson, Beatrice Luh


SML Circulation Support Group Circulation Support Group


2:00 PM; SML 409

Minutes: Lisa Thomas

1. Final Overdue Search Report - Sue Crockford-Peters and Judy Parker
Report is used to search shelves prior to billing. Sample report was attached to CSG meeting e-mail for discussion. This report will come via e-mail as a legal size document (8.5" x 14"). Library units must have the ability to print documents of this size and the proper size paper.

Details to note about the report:

Perm Loc vs. Governing Loc- Perm Loc is the housing location. Gov Loc is the 'circulating location rules' that were in effect at the time the item was checked out. (ex. Perm Loc: ccl, Gov Loc: cclhr24)

Class - Will indicate Library (meaning LC), Yale, or Other. Note: some Yale Class items have erroneously loaded as "Other". Be on the lookout for such items. IF YOU SEE THIS: refer item to your cataloging liaison.

Current Due Date- Should be 31 days ago. This time period was decided upon to ensure that Saturday and Sunday due dates were included. We must monitor this for a while to determine whether this is actually the appropriate time period we would like to use indefinitely.

Procedures related to processing this report:

Timing: Report will be sent/received daily. Delivery will commence soon, once final adjustments are made to the format. Once report does begin arriving, it must be searched and items discharged within 4 days to prevent billing. (List arrives on day 31, patron billed on day 35).

Standard Notes: When the book is located, selected fines must be marked "error". Standard note should be used: initials, date, and note indicating that item was Found On Shelf during billing check. Example: "LCT, 9/24/02 - FOS during billing check." Chris will be drafting official follow-up procedures for our reference.

Special Cases:
Hold/Recall - there will be a column that will indicate this. Further procedures for reordering and placing call slip on another copy (if existing) for the patron were discussed.
Status Track Patrons - Renew or follow up on item right away to prevent billing (Billing prohibits patrons for making any requests for the item via the OPAC).

2. Item Returned/Credit Due Report (formerly NRTN Report) - Judy Parker
Sample report was attached to CSG meeting e-mail for discussion. This report will also come via e-mail as a legal size document (8.5" x 14"). Report is still being revised and is not yet ready for distribution. Empty fields in sample document will be used in actual document.

Procedures related to this report:

- Sort file by location and only do items for your unit. Judy demonstrated using Excel filters.
- Credit patron $75 for returned book. Do not credit fines or processing fees.
- Mark selected fine "forgiven" and make standard note: initials, date, Bk Ret'd.
Example "LCT, 9/24/02, Bk Ret'd."

3. Item Status Missing Report- Judy Parker
Sample report was attached to CSG meeting e-mail for discussion. This report will come via e-mail as a standard size document (8.5" x 11"). There will be some formatting changes still to come. Once distribution begins, this report should be searched daily.

4. NOTE: Sue noted that e-mail receipt of all of these reports is an interim arrangement. Once Reports Server is active (in the next few months) we will be able to print these individually.

5. August Courtesy Notice batch problems…continuing?
Discussion followed about Courtesy Notice problems. As far as we knew, this problem was resolved. However, two units reported that they received new complaints. Sue asked that they forward all of the information to her for further investigation. She added that if we receive any new complaints from the August round of notices that were not sent/received and the relevance of such complaints at this time (four weeks later).

6. Changing/Updating Patron Records: Sue briefly discussed an e-mail from Danuta about guidelines for changing or updating Patron Records. MaryBeth Bean will be handling those for the Science Libraries and John Gallagher will be handling those for Medical. Sue will forward this e-mail message to the CSG list.

7. Claims Returned- Chris Killheffer
Chris handed out Voyager Procedures for processing Claims Returned. He will be forwarding these procedures to CSG via e-mail attachment. We did not completely review his document as changes will be made.

8. Agenda topics not discussed:

Reserves Update

Bursar Billing Update

No further announcements made.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30pm.

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