October 14, 2008 - Meeting Minutes


Patrick Butler (chair, Engineering), Ping Fu (Systems), Kathy Mansi (Music), Lauren Brown (SML/Bass), Craig Kirkland (Bass), David McCaslin (recorder, SSL). Marybeth Bean (KSL), Laura Galas (SML), Shellie Anello (SML), Danuta Nitecki, Susan Burdick (Divinity), Holly Hatheway (Arts), Pam Jordan (Drama/Arts), Lorine Murphy (SSL), Debbie Falvey (GDIC), Larry Martins (Mudd), Rick Bean (Medical), Cindy Greenspun (SML), Chris Killheffer (SML)


  • The meeting began with an introduction of Laura Galas as the new evening supervisor for SML library and Craig Kirkland as the new Access Services Supervisor at Bass Library.
  • Danuta came to speak to CSG regarding the current status of a few positions
    • The position left by Sue Crockford-Peters has created an opportunity to craft two distinct positions
    • The supervising/managing staff position has been posted and the search is on-going
    • The program manager position has been envisioned as an opportunity to redefine access services more broadly and integrate the digital world
      • While the new position is still in a bit of flux, it has been titled, Director of Access Integration Services and Karen Kupiec has been appointed to this position
      • Danuta went through the job description and mentioned the emphasis was on creating an easy, reliable coordination of access services
      • Marketing was also a main issue for this position
      • Some parts of the job description is still up to debate
      • In addition, the position could also establish and build on coordinating with non-library departments
    • Questions/comments to Danuta:
      • Susan felt the position was not posted and a thorough search was not conducted to get the best person possible; will this person represent access services at Ivies + and ALA?
      • Response by Danuta – She felt strongly on the direction of the choice and the potential of the individual; those who attend Ivies+ and ALA in various roles would continue
      • Will the staff supervisor (yet to be hired) report to this position?
      • Danuta – No, the new staffing manager at SML Access Services will report to Danuta directly
      • Marybeth expressed the frustration many feel regarding announcements such as this when little or no input is included by directly-involved staff
      • Will Karen be a part of CSG? Danuta would like her to be
      • Discussed how Karen would be trained in the many aspects of access services
  • Alice is waiting to determine Meg’s new position and letting the chips fall a bit before determining how the new vacant AUL position will fit
  • Further announcements – Discussed Melissa Wisner’s email regarding the purging of social security numbers – it has been successful
  • Marybeth discussed the in-building use subgroup and the impact of Mudd/GDIC material circulating elsewhere (please refer to the report handout)
  • Marybeth asked that comments about this process be sent to her so a set of established protocols could be referred to by all access services’ staff
  • David will join this subgroup to help in this effort
  • Ping discussed the faculty course reserve tool
    • Faculty can look at what they placed in prior semesters and make changes
    • Ping will make add something to the website notifying faculty that they must get access to this report
    • The excel sheet report can be manipulated in all fields not just the comments field ---possibly a concern

Report back to Circulation Services Group from subgroup on In-building use


Subgroup members:  Larry Martins, Shellie Anello, Marybeth Bean

The subgroup first looked at the possibility of creating a somewhat standardized process for sending/using non circ materials at locations other than the home library.  The attached document is a DRAFT of what was considered.  It is something that CSG can discuss. 

The subgroup realized that one large problem existed that this process would need to handle.  That problem is the movement to and from Mudd and Gov Docs of an increased number of items, and how other libraries could accommodate what could be large amounts of material. 


Should there be limits on how many items one can request at a time from Mudd et al, or at least some understanding that they may not all be sent together?

Where do we put this increased volume on our hold shelves?

How do we handle the increased demand for blue boxes?

How do we handle the shipment of portfolio size materials?

How do we safely handle papers sent from Gov Docs?

How do we handle poor condition material?

Other problems?

Possible solutions:

  • set limits
  • order more blue boxes (who pays?  Can they be dedicated to Mudd/Gov?)
  • purchase portfolio sized boxes (again, who pays?  Should they be Mudd/Gov dedicated
  • have a space dedicated, like a Mudd Reading Room, in some other location, so that all call slipped in building material can be housed in one space (SSL may have space)
  • other solutions?


Lending side

  1. Lending library puts NO CIRC flag in item.
  2. Sends to borrowing library through Eli Express

Borrowing side

  1. Borrowing library checks book in upon delivery. Keeps flag in book.
  2. Files under patron name on hold shelf.
  3. When patron takes out:
    • Leaves flag in book
    • Charges out to patron 3 day loan***
    • Marks flag with due date – patron can be told that this is how long it will be held at desk for them if they need it longer.
    • Does NOT give Voyager charge slip to patron.  When book is returned:
      • If patron is done using, discharge item, recycle flag
      • If patron still needs, file on hold shelf using flag
      • Patron can renew if needed in 3 day increments
  4. Item is returned to lending location

*** We currently have items on our hold shelves that are charged to patrons; all borrow direct books are checked out to patrons, and Law charges out all Eli Expressed materials to patrons before putting on hold shelf.


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