8 November 2005

SML Circulation Support Group Circulation Support Group


CSG Minutes

*Neither note-taker is here. Victoria Gardner volunteered to take notes.

*Melissa Wisner:

--Additional discussion for circ Orbis release
  • Tues, Dec. 13 9:30-11 a.m.
  • Wed, Dec. 14 2:30-4p.m.

    --There has been a request to push the Wed. back further, looking into it. --Who should be attending?-Melissa will send an E-mail, on website.

*Next meeting for CSG will be 11/29, not 11/22 due to Thanksgiving vacation.

--It will be on Voyager5/Unicode Release update (new call slip and circ

*Question about Proxy patrons, but Cindy Greenspun not here to answer.

*Mary Beth Bean asked about reserve policy for books from other libraries

--Decided to put on agenda for next time because a lot of things have changed regarding Yale libraries lending to each other, and it deserves to be revisited

*Lorine Murphy's announcement thanked Victoria Gardner for taking the
minutes. (She arrived eventually.)

*Lisa Thomas asked for volunteers to take over the CSG website, Dana Peterman

*Lisa Thomas also discussed using the Reserve-Recall Report (found on the
Circulation Reports website) and advised that others use it because it was
a useful tool.

*Sue Crockford-Peters asked for volunteers to make a "what to do/when to do it"
list for the Public Services Management Council (to be sent out on YULIB)

--Rick Bean and Melissa Wisner volunteered.

--Anthony Riccio has done some of it, should send his calendar to Rick.

*Mary Beth Bean asked Melissa Wisner about whether we could have systems
E-mail us with what we should expect on 3 January when we come in.

*We need to remind KLINE, CCL, SML and MED to load offline circ before they
start online circ on 3 Jan.

*Ernie will install new clients on every workstation, except in libraries (i.e. DIV,
FES, MED) that have designated staff to handle computer updates, but he will be contacting them and coordinating with them.

*Sue Crockford-Peters asked Melissa Wisner to look into whether the old offline
circ client would work in the new Voyager. She said that Ernie was still working out the details and would let us know what he discovers.

*The Shipping Room will be closed the holiday week, no Borrow Direct/ILL.
They will come in one day to pick up mail from the Post Office and sort, but no deliveries.

*PIC wants publicity for readers about what they can and can't do (signs on circ
desk, Mary Beth Bean suggested contacting POG about putting something on the Portal)

--Sue C-P asked for volunteers.

*Self-Check update

--Melissa Wisner will up the number of items staff can borrow to 200.

*Voyager will be down on Tuesday the 27th.


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