November 14 , 2006
SML Circulation Support Group Circulation Support Group


Present: Marybeth Bean, Rick Bean (Chair), Sue Burdick, Patrick Butler, Ken Crilly, Sue Crockford-Peters, Cindy Greenspun, Pam Jordan, Beatrice Luh, Jen Nolte, Cindy Ostroff, Judy Parker, Dana Peterman (recorder).


How is testing going for the release of Voyager 6.0? - Sue C-P.

-Pam and Susan B. are checking aspects of the new release. So far, there have been no problems.
-Cindy, with Susan B.'s help, will be checking Privileges Office functions, after the Thanksgiving break.
-Sue suggested that we be cognizant of things we couldn't or didn't test in release 5.0 that caused later confusion.
-Changes are being made in Voyager include
-ISBN/ISSN thirteen digit release fix.
-Small bug fixes are being made, but not ones that have a major impact on circulation.

SML not clearing hold shelf until end of Thanksgiving break. - Sue C-P
Circulation recordings will be slightly inaccurate online. Few have noticed this regularly occurring issue in the past.

Clean your keyboards, mice, etc. starting NOW -Marybeth
Because flu season is upon us, we need to be extra careful to clean public service computers so that illnesses are not spread. Kline tries to clean its equipment every week when possible.

Status of New ID System for Privileges and Card Access at SML - Cindy G.
-Most equipment and supplies are here.
-Software is ready to download and working with ITS and others.
-Testing by 2nd week of December and implementing by beginning of January.
-Sending out letters to those holding access cards about switch to the picture id. Borrowing privileges will be spelled out on the card.
-[Card sample passed around]
-There are several implications regarding amounts paid for privileges, fines, etc.
-Give comments about the new ID card look to Cindy.
-Cardholders will have new billing procedures that Chris K. will be mailing to other units soon.

CCL LSF Project - Judy P.
Sending 600 volumes or more/day to LSF of serials. Making adjustments for crowding areas based on access needs. Have been working to get everyone trained in item location changes for transfer to LSF. Mike DiMassa is now doing daily error reports from LSF that show from where (i.e. the library) the error comes.

Cindy G. taking leave time
Chris Killhefer will be taking over as interim supervision for Privileges personnel and other associated duties of Cindy's that have not be assigned.

Discussion on Present/ Future needs, hopes, and concerns about Access and Circulation Services (aka environmental scan)
-Eli Express is so successful that don't have enough space on shelf for material.
-How to get a better grasp on missing parts of materials
-Figuring out how to circulate items that didn't use to circulate.
-Stacks and space. Try to get and maintain enough space so that there are no more overflows.
-Many materials coming from and to LSF need better tracking in-house with barcodes, etc. Sue CP suggests getting help from Cindy Greenspun on internal tracking.
-Office space is too small for public space.
-Improving needed contact with public by telephone and e-mail is difficult, which is supported by phone logs and e-mail. Immediacy demands should be met.
-Privileges should better serve both internal and external customers by being more available and immediately responsive during all service hours for certain types of problems.
-Would like to see more frequent patron loads.
Kline Science (Marybeth)
-Want patrons to only request an item once after an Orbis search fails to result in retrieving a work.
-Believe that good customer service is not given when extra or excessive and ambiguous instruction is generated for readers from computer messages or emails.
-Space re-purposing and allocation. Building use is changing, so there is more discussion on other priorities such as 24-hour study, instruction, etc., but no ability to provide flexibility.
-Reserve changes that are more complex.
-Greater expectations for more service from Access Services.
-Documentation for internal procedures and the public.
-ILL tracking that is better.
-Training needed to help show patrons how to locate the electronic resources they want during off hours.
-Ereserves magnitude increasing beyond capacity.
-Documentation on secure servers.
-Expertise in documentation and form creating is widely needed across the organization.
-Get it button for items.
-Forms that the public can find easily for routine services to empower patrons, such as the proxy form.
-Educating faculty on how to use patron empowerment tools.
-Failure of 1-day delivery for Eli Express
-Shelfreading, withdrawal, and more stack management issues.

Next Meeting Scheduled for December.

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