November 29, 2005

SML Circulation Support Group Circulation Support Group



PRESENT: Rick Bean (Chair), Marybeth Bean, Susan Burdick, Patrick Butler, Sue Crockford-Peters, Victoria Gardner, Cindy Greenspun, Pam Jordan, Beatrice Luh, Dana Peterman (Recording), Carla Heister, Este Pope, Lisa C. Thomas, Melissa A. Wisner


Yale student spring validation stickers are now good through summer.
Send questions regarding this change to Cindy Greenspun via e-mail.

Book withdrawal procedures to be distributed via e-mail next week (week of December 5, 2005).
This document will be aligned with Cataloging's and addresses such issues as bibliographic records without items attached. Other school and departmental libraries with technical units may have slight variations.

Collection Security Group requests that all libraries apply the status of missing to books as soon as they are determined unavailable.

Review of Draft Unicode Documents & Orbis Release 5.0 Discussion

New Version of Orbis this Season
This 8 1/2" x 11" color sign informs readers of changes in services. It will be distributed by e-mail, mailed by Barbara DaRe, and placed on the CSG ( and Library Staff Front Door ( websites for printing.
Document revisions
· S. Burdick asked that the term "paging" be changed to "place request" or " retrieval" to reflect patron and library language.
· M. Bean requested that the document refer more to services that are available rather than those that are not to create a more positive document for the reader.
· S. Burdick requested that a date be written on the document to specify when it would take effect.
· P. Butler inquired how the document would be distributed (see above).

Unicode/Release 5.0
This one page document provides a color-coded overview of the Unicode release using a timeline.
Document revision suggestions
· D. Peterman requested that the four libraries affected be listed (i.e. Sterling Memorial Library, Cross Campus Library, Harvey Cushing/John Hay Whitney Medical Library, Kline Science Library)

Aspects of the Orbis release discussion
· S. Crockford-Peters mentioned that serious problems would lead to aborting the release.
· M. A. Wisner estimated that the work would take four days, but we have six days to account for extenuating circumstances. Near the end of the process, she will be checking to ensure its success.
· M. A. Wisner emphasized that all personnel coming to work on January 3, 2006 must check e-mail before beginning work in any Orbis module.
· S. Crockford-Peters that all units must wait to discharge materials until all offline circulation materials are uploaded from computers. The projected date and time are January 3, 2006 after 9am.
· S. Crockford-Peters said that SML and CCL's charge out slips would be an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper with a specific design circulated to CSG members at a later date.
· R. Bean indicated that Medical Library would continue to stamp items with a uniform date.
· M. A. Wisner said that she would coordinate sending out an e-mail after all circulation uploads are complete.
· Several staff noted that charge outs may be conducted throughout January 3, 2006.
· R. Bean asked about the dateline for installing new printers at circulation locations. According to M. A. Wisner, all new printers will be installed by December 22, 2005.
· V. Gardner volunteered to do all uploading of circulation transactions should inclement weather prevent regular staff from coming to work on January 3.
· C. Greenspun will be creating "blank patrons" to account for library visitors starting December 22, 2005 until the upgrade is complete. Blank patrons will be allowed the same privileges as those with a stack pass from December 22 through January 2. The Patron Group will be meeting to detail this information on December 5 from 1 to 2pm to flesh out the information.
· C. Greenspun indicated that a blanket due date will be created to make items due 21 days from the initial period that Orbis is down to better identify materials affected during that time.
· S. Crockford-Peters mentioned that course reserves should be completely down by December 17, 2005 to better facilitate the transition (see also, for course reserve dates)
· S. Crockford-Peters suggested that in addition to designating areas for returns, libraries may wish to identify which books were returned on what date.
· The last bursar transfer will be on December 26, 2005 and will resume on Tuesday, January 3, 2006.
· New Orbis clients will be deployed on January 3, 2006.
· Though receipt printers will be ready by December 22, 2005, all paper must be ordered about 10 days in advance. S. Burdick will fax an order form to Access Services and Vincent DeFeo (aka Vinny) so that the process may begin.
· S. Crockford-Peters asked M. A. Wisner to remind all technical services personnel that if they see an offline circulation option available, they are not to use it. In general, technical services staff should not ever use the offline circulation option.

Circulation Activity for the 2005/2006 Winter Intercession and Orbis 5 Upgrade
This document was only referred to in support of the one page timeline, but it contains a great deal of detail about the release process.

ORBIS (VOYAGER) Circulation Memo No. 2: Procedures for circulating materials when Orbis is down
Covering Orbis offline circulation, this 14-page document contains highly detailed instructions with screenshots.
Document revision suggestions
· Local documentation should be used to supplement this document.
· On-the-fly procedures (an example of one local procedure) will be changed in this document by December 11 (Sunday) and this document will be completed by December 13, 2005.
· The section on confidentiality needs revision because of technical changes. A way must be found to save data from the upload to a file - either by burning it on a CD-ROM or through some other means.
· Saved, uploaded files from circulation should be given to Chris Killheffer to document and resolve any potential billing problems.

A short summary about a Unicode/Release 5 feature!
Documents ability to view location where fined items returned (i.e. "happening location") in patron records.
· Several comments were made regarding this feature indicating that Endeavor, Voyager's producer, did not meet its contractual obligation in this change.
· Library staff had assumed that this feature would allow fines from specific libraries that owned the items could be filtered.

Draft documents distributed and discussed:

1. New Version of Orbis this Season - written by Cindy Greenspun (distributed in print only) - 1 page.
2. Unicode/Release 5.0 - written by Rick Bean and Melissa Wisner (filename: Timeline.doc) - 1 page.
3. Circulation Activity for the 2005/2006 Winter Intercession and Orbis 5 Upgrade - written by Melissa Wisner to detail Unicode/Release 5.0 (filename: 2TimelineAnnotation.doc) - 6 pages.
4. ORBIS (VOYAGER) Circulation Memo No. 2: Procedures for circulating materials when Orbis is down written by Rick Bean and Sue Crockford-Peters, revised by Rick Bean (filename: circ.memo1.doc) - 14 pages.
5. A short summary about a Unicode/Release 5 feature! - written by Cindy Greenspun (distributed in print only) - 3 pages.

Meeting adjourned at 3:45pm.

Next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, December 13, 2005, 2-3:30pm

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