Dec. 9, 2003

Present: Larry Martins, Susan Burdick, Pamela Jordan, Judy Parker, Shawn Steidinger, Jeanette Murdock, Dana Peterman, Beverly Lett, Lisa Thomas, Sue Crockford-Peters.


SML Circulation Support Group Circulation Support Group


2:00 PM; SML 409

Old Business

The report on the NELA conference will be deferred until Marybeth is able to be at a meeting.

Circ Reports: Shawn Steidinger reported that version 4 of the circ reports is almost ready for distribution. Shawn showed CSG how to download the newest version from Mothra. There is a version for Access Services and a version for all the other libraries. The switchboard will be different. Some choices will lead to other switchboards for specific location info. Lost item discharged report will be available. Sue Crockford-Peters mentioned that the withdrawn status will soon be piloted and we will need reports on that. The missing in transit report will be in an excel file and be available as a target and/or a source file. Sue reminded the group that we will need to keep up with the missing in transit reports. Books cannot be callslipped while they are in transit. Books that cannot be found should be discharged and set as missing. The OPAC will be correct, call slipping will be allowed, and readers will be able to use Borrow Direct for these titles. Shawn told us that the Math Library will be using circulation sometime in January but callslips for Math materials will go through either Kline or Engineering. Shawn asked everyone to look over the list of staff with access to the circ reports. Let her know who should be removed, who added. We should avoid adding students and remind staff with access about confidentiality concerns.

New Business

Reserve reports: Lisa Thomas and Shawn talked about the Course Reserve reports, available through the main switchboard of the circ reports. The deactivation program will run on the 19th 0r 20th. Deactivation is a problem if an item is on multiple lists. Shawn will filter out items that deactivated so that the report will include only items that did not deactivate because of problems.

Service Quality Customer Service Support Training: A more detailed report on this committee will be given when Marybeth is at our next meeting. Susan Burdick reminded everyone that they should have received Danuta Nitecki's e-mail asking for feedback on customer service training topics. 35 staff members have responded so far. Susan asked everyone to respond if they haven't already.

Proposed changes to the Purchase Request form: The changes will allow readers to pick up books they have requested at any pickup location instead of having to come to SML. Does anyone object to getting uncat books delivered to them?

Downtime messages: We will put this on the agenda for next meeting and decide on how long we should wait before going to offline circulation.

Deferred: The reports on the NELA conference and on the Access Services Interest Group of ACRL and a more complete report on the Service Quality Customer Service Support Committee will be on the next meeting's agenda.


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