Dec. 11, 2007

SML Circulation Support Group Circulation Support Group


In Attendance: Rick Bean, Susan Burdick, Ping Fu, John Gallagher, Pamela Jordan, Chris Killheffer, Beatrice Luh, Lorine Murphy, Mary Ellen Budney, Lauren Brown, Anthony Riccio

Mary Ellen announced that she will take a new job as Project Manager for the digitization project as of January 11, 2008.

Recall Loan Period - Chris
Chris reported that the long-standing problem of incorrect recall loan periods (sometimes as long as 24 days) is currently being fixed by ILTS.  As soon as ILTS finishes correcting the circulation matrices, recall loan intervals for all units will be:

  1. 10 days from recall date if the item was previously charged out
  2. 14 days from recall date if the item is charged out ‘today’

There was discussion about several scenarios to try and renew a recalled item. It was pointed out that courtesy notices go out when something has been recalled, and that patrons are told that material is always subject to recall. Chris will send out an email when matrices for all units have been adjusted.

Assessment task force update – John
John reported that discharge error rates have been calculated at about 1.075%, which equates to greater than 2500 people affected each year. The task force has looked at interventions to reduce the error rate. Divinity currently double-discharges. Medical has turned the sound off, which has reduced the error rate some, but the problem remains that the sound is off at charge also. Chris reported that they have worked with the workstation support group to use Macro Express to set sound cues that alert users to exceptional situations that occur during discharge (such as an unrecognized barcode or Item information window). John reports that it appears this will help the error rate go down. They are close to finalizing their report and recommending the use of these tailored macros.

Circulation Listserv – John
In an effort to encourage more open communication, John looks to implement a listserv for all circulation staff. For example, he notes that it could be used to solicit agenda items. There was discussion that the staff be present at a CSG meeting to discuss his/her agenda item, or the possibility of using the Listserv to survey if circ staff would like to see a list implemented and/or allow opt-out of the list.

Pamphlet Boxes – Judy/Ian Bogus
Ian addressed the group about housing thin material together, usually serials, which are in no condition to be bound individually. He recommends housing them together to better support the material, and in customized boxes. The housed items will circulate together. In addition to a pop-up at charge and discharge, which displays the number of pieces, there would be a stamp indicating the number of pieces near the barcode. Ian noted that rarely were any items missing from his previous experience. Susan reported that the pop-ups now work well at Divinity for Ministry Resource materials. There was discussion of perhaps limiting the number of items to house together and discussion about how the material would be identified: it would not be through shelf-reading, but perhaps could be through the re-shelving process. Ian asked the group to review and offer any specific parameters.

Customer Service Institute / Interdepartmental workflow meetings – Chris
Chris reported that after the HPO surveys, Danuta met with small groups to discuss results. One area that came up was a desire to have more support in order to provide better customer service. Access Services will start with a tailored Customer Service Institute program in January.
Another area that came up in the small group meetings was the need to have better communication between units. Chris reported that Access Services have held meetings with other groups and that they have been very successful. We exchanged visits with the LSF staff, and some of the Access Services staff visited Document Delivery. He recommends this process for any other interested departments. Susan noted that smaller units maybe could combine staff and learning plan dollars to take advantage of a tailored CSI program also.

Chris reported that there has been a congestion problem at the hold Shelf at SML.
The pickup location for ILL / BD material will now be Bass, which has plenty of room for these holds.

John reported on an inventory proposal at Medical:
Staff would take laptops into the shelves and discharge each item within a particular call number range. They would apply an item status of ‘inventoried’ with the date. The results would be combined with items charged out in order to identify ‘missing’ items. He noted that all items will be barcoded if they do not have a barcode. There was discussion about the problem of having a master list that correctly accounts for items within a range for example, for Yale class.

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