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A Checklist of What Circ Staff Can Do to Investigate a Problem before Reporting to PST --- By Ping Fu, Systems Librarian, ILTS,

  1. Logout and restart the Orbis client.  See if the problem reoccurs.
  2. Logout and restart the PC. See if the problem reoccurs.
  3. Log in as yourself to the Orbis client on a different PC and try to recreate the problem.
  4. Have someone else log into the Orbis client on your PC and try to recreate the problem.
  5. Check the VoyageriniFile changer to make sure you are in the Orbis production environment as opposed to Torbis, or elsewhere.
  6. Write down the complete text of any error messages and collect any screen shots of the steps leading up to the problem.  Include other relevant data such as item or patron barcodes, patron group, etc.
  7. Check Supportweb to see if a bug or similar problem report has been submitted that closely resembles the problem you are experiencing.
  8. Try to recreate the problem in the Torbis circulation client.
  9. Check with the CSG list to determine if any other libraries are experiencing the same problem.
  10. Designate a point person to report and resolve the problem with PST.

These steps are written in a logical progression for troubleshooting.  Before reporting any problem, at a minimum try the first 6 steps.  This will ensure the problem can be resolved in an efficient process.


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