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Iraq ReCollection has the following goals:

  • To digitize a select group of the most important scholarly humanistic Iraqi journals held by Yale and the University of Pennsylvania, an OACIS partner.
  • To create an electronic archive of these digitized files that permits 1) retrieval and display via the Internet, and 2) integration into other existing electronic systems, such as the search engine of OACIS.
  • To develop an approach and best practices for scanning Arabic and Middle-East language-based humanistic content.

Project Information: press release / project proposal / selected titles and holdings /

Project Funding: /National Endowment for the Humanities / Recovering Iraq's Past: Proposals to Preserve and Document Iraq's Cultural Heritage / Conditions of Publication /

Project Team:

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Iraq ReCollection hopes to provide access to digitized Humanities journals pulbished in Iraq for the benefit of Iraqis and scholars around the world.
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