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FAQ: Can I create a group of materials? How?

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Yes, you can create a group of images and other content found in digital collections by following the steps below.
1. Login to CAS using your NetID and password.
2. After you enter a search term and click on an individual item, click the add to workspace button (see below).  Continue adding more items to your workspace that you want to include in the group by searching and browsing digital collections.  You can also add the whole list of results, or selected items from the list of results page.
3.  After you have added all the materials you want to include from digital collections to your workspace, click the View Save Share link.
4.  Clicking View Save Share allows you to type in a Title for your group of items and save it by clicking Save Workspace.  Or you can append your workspace to an already existing group of materials you've made.
5. After you save your workspace into a group, you are brought to the edit group mode.

A.  1: Add a description about the contents of your group here. 2: Add editors to your group be entering their NetIDs. 3: Set the permissions for your group.

The default permission when you create a group is Private.  This means the group will appear in the listing on the left called My Groups.  The Public-Link Only means that you will have a static link to the group that you can insert into course websites, e-mail your students, etc. The Pubic-Shared means your group will appear in the Shared Groups listing and anyone who comes to the site will see it (depending on what collections the images come from).

Click  Submit Group Changes (A) when done editing any of 1-3 listed above.

B. Type in an annotation for any of the individual objects in the text box and don't forget to click Submit Annotation.  This annotation will appear with the rest of the image's data.

C. Upload content either from your computer (most image file formats accepted) or link to image URL or YouTube URL or webpage URL from this page. Click upload once you've navigated to a file or paste a URL in.  You must supply a title before you can click upload (see last image at bottom of this page; C cont.).

D. Return to the listing of all your groups here.
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