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FAQ: Tips for searching?

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Digital Collections

Search lastname firstname with quotes to find images by certain creators.  For example: "rothko mark"

Use quotes to search for phrases. For example: "golf course" instead of golf course

If you type in more than one term, it will search for term one OR term two, so use quotes.

From a list of results, there are a few ways to narrow your result set.  Use the box on the left to search within your result set (#1). Or, use the facets in the left hand column to exclude (click minus sign) or to include (click plus sign) those terms (#2).


If you know exactly what you are looking for or if you want to narrow your search to certain collections, try the advanced search page.  Select "fuzzy" if you want to search and find variations of the word or Select "strict" to search on the exact word you type in.